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This page is for Yue the Hero, available in Heroic Package #3.


"A poor farmer’s boy from the Far East, he lived in a village oppressed by the local Warlord. Jumping at the first chance to enlist in the Royal Army, he quickly earned the respect of his superiors. 

Preparing for the coming war ahead, Yue looks forward to finally relieving his family from the terror reigns he’s grown up with."

Yue is a Fighter unlocked by purchase of the Heroic Package #3 . He can only gain exp by questing as there are no related buildings. His natural level cap is currently 60.


  • Level 15: Resilient 3 Resilient III - Obtain at least 100% of experience when injured and quest is successful.
  • Level 25: Weapon Master (Unique) Weapon Master - Increases equipment strength by 35%.
  • Level 35: Commander 3 (Leader) Commander III - Increases the strength of everyone in the party by 50%.

Hero Quests:

Quest 1 - fill:

Unlocks Underdog- When Yue's oppponent's power is increased, Increase Yue's Power by 40% (level 18) (100% Chance)

Quest 2 - fill:

Unlocks High Morale- When any ally wins, power of allies to the left and right of Yue is increased by 15% (Level 27) (100% Chance)

Quest 3 - fill

Unlocks Shared Fate- When Yue loses, decrease the power of the opponent's right teammate by 99% (Level 36) (100% Chance)

Flavour Text:

Greeting - "Greetings, Would you happen to have this in stock?"
Discount - "I appreciate your kindness."
Surcharge - "I hope the price reflects the quality..."
Compliment success - "You're too kind."
Compliment Failure - "That is irrelevevant right now."
Refuse - "I must say I'm very disappointed."
Buy/Sell - "Reliable as always. Thank you."
Bargain - "You certainly know how to haggle."
Suggest - "I suppose this will do." or "Ah, a fine suggestion"

Experience chart

See Heroes page, Experience Chart for info. ---