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News & Updates

  • I don't know how often I'll do one of these, we'll see ^^

1 - Trade House, Patch Notes, Micro-Transaction Store - all pages which sort-of went unnoticed have now been added to the front page of this Wikia, for an easier browsing experience.

2 - A lot of items were in their own sub-category and in the main category at the same time. This made things look cluttered and hard-to-read.

I have therefore personally performed a massive clean-up of a lot of the different categories on this Wikia, in order to make it an easier-to-browse experience. 

  • Please read: If you create a page for an item, please do not add it to both the sub-category and the main "Items" category. Only add it to the sub-category.

3 - New Templates added by myself!

1 - Price Increase +25% - Price Increase +50% -

Time Decreased -25%

2 - For "Efficiency Increased", please refer to:  Template:Item Efficiency Increased

3 - For "Item Ability Unlocked", please refer to: Template:Item Ability Unlocked

4 - For "Item Quality Increased", please refer to: Template:Item Quality Increased

5 - For "Item Blueprint Unlocked", please refer to: Template:Item Blueprint Unlocked