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The Inn screen (not to be confused with the Inn building in Town) has four purposes:

Quest Slots

Quest Slots are used for sending out parties. The number of slots unlocked determines the max number of parties you can have active at any given time. You can pay gems to unlock the slots early. The gold cost option becomes available at certain player levels.

Slot Player level Cost Coin Cost Gems
2 6 250 25
3 10 2,500 50
4 14 50k 100
5 18 200k 200
6 22 40M 550
7 26 240M 1,000
8 30 100M 2,000
9 34 500M 3,000

Resource Quests

Quest Tips:

  • Boss battles appear to give double the resources that a particular phase normally gives.
  • Boss battles can only be cleared once and then the quest moves on to the next phase.
  • Boss battles can only be attempted by one party of hero(es) at a time.
  • To help maximize your returns, consider sending 4 or 6 heroes (including any hero that has the Scavenger or Treasure Hunter abilities) during boss battles.

See Resource Quests for more info.

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Free Gems

Available since the Thanksgiving Update for mobile users (not available on Kongregate, Steam or Facebook). Find this woman in The Inn and tap on her. Watching an ad awards 2 gems Gems.

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