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[[File:{{{item}}} Affinity {{{color}}}.png|{{{size}}}px|{{{item}}} ({{{color}}})|link={{{item}}}]]

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{{Item Affinity Icon|item=Daggers|color=Green}}

Result: Daggers (Green)


size, in pixels, is optional. Do not add px at the end.

color: Yellow, Green, Red, Gray. Case-sensitive.

item: Case-sensitive. Beware: image file names are not consistent, eg Axes Green.png versus Boot Yellow.png. In general, plural works, but the table below lists valid arguments:

Armors Axes Boots Bows Bracers
Clubs Daggers Footwear Gauntlets Guns
Hats Helmets Music Pendants Potions
Projectiles Remedies Rings Robes Shields
Spears Spells Staves Swords Vests
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