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Current information is directly from the Forum Announcement by Cloudcade employee cc_Tadaaah:

"Hi there, I’ll need 45 good daggers, 24 fairy sprinkles, and 53 good clubs"
"WHAT?! Wow! That’s a big order!"
"Don’t worry, Keepers! There’s no order you can’t fill. Introducing the new Special Orders where a few customers really like to buy in BULK!"

Here’s 411:

  • Reintroducing your favorite cousin, Catherine, and a new customer, Captain of the Guard, for all your special order needs.
  • These customers will come into your shop and wait 1 day for you to fill their order.
  • After accepting the order, they will wait for you in The Inn
  • Currently, there are a finite number of orders that are unlocked with progressing levels.
  • Each order requires 3 types of items and can give up to 3 rewards, the order(s) need to be completed within 1 day.
  • If the order expires, you can either partially complete the order or take back the items and fully complete it later when the customer comes back to your shop.
  • Rewards include gems, keys and exceptional quality equipment!

The Mechanics

  • The Special Orders unlock one at a time at specific player levels and get progressively harder.
  • As of the Holiday patch, there are 4 customers with each 10 orders total.
  • The order chains of Thomas, Catherine, Lorelei and Charles are seperate. Failing to complete an order of one doesn't block progress for the other.
  • As long as you still have unlocked and unfinished orders for a customer, he/she returns 24 hours after he/she left your inn or shop or after the other customer leaves your inn/shop, whichever is later.
  • A customer will return with the same order over and over again until you (partial) complete it and then move on to the next in the chain (if unlocked).
  • The rewards are handed out once you (partial) complete the order, not when you hand in the individual parts.
  • Because of the limited number of orders and, other than needed inventory space, there being no downside to working multiple days or even weeks on an order, partial completing an order is generally a bad idea, since you will permanently lose out on one or two of the rewards and the third is generally the best.
  • The customers also accept items of quality higher than requested, so be careful you don't give them any epics or legendaries!

As of February Patch 2016:

  • Improved Special Orders screen
  • Added timer on the top of Special Orders bubble in the Inn
  • "Later" button added to Special Orders
  • "!" Notification icon on the inn when an order has expired

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Special Orders

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  1. Question about the order timers in forum post
  2. Answer about the order timers in forum post