This a small guide on how to operate Shop Heroes Central. A item directory with various sorting and filtering options.

Getting Started

Sorting options

In the top left there are the options to filter items, to sort the item list and a search bar. The search bar can be used to both search for item names and item's skill names.

Click 1 for filtering items and 2 for sorting the list of items.

Filtering Items

Clicking the filter button brings up the filter popup.


Item Level:

Slide the left slider to filter the minimum item level that shows up.

Slide the right slider to filter the maximum item level that shows up.

Item Class:

Here you can select which class of items show up(sword, boots, herbs). You can click a single item class or multiples.

Chests and Packages:

Here you can filter the various chest items and package items. The first option is the filter for the base item lines. You can click a single chest or package or multiples.


Here you can select Items that need a certain quality of precraft to be filtered out. If you don't want items that need a flawless precraft for example, then you can unselect it here.

If you want to filter by mastery skill you can use the search bar.

Sorting Items


Clicking the sort button brings up the sorting popup.

You can sort the item list by:

Item level,

Base gold value,

Base item power,

Base item exp,

Craft time that can be set up to display base on your own worker skills.

How much base gold per crafting second(based on your worker skills),

How much base exp per crafting second(based on your worker skills),

How much exp you get per base gold value.

Crafting skills

Click the "Time" at the top of the list allows you to enter in your own workers' skills so that the list can be sorted by the various crafting time settings. The last number is for your workers' mastery.



Clicking on a item will take you to that item's page, giving you details on how to obtain it and what precrafts it can be used for, along with it's gold value for the different stages of quality and surcharge/mastered/impatient, It also displays the chances for getting levels of quality based on your worker's mastery.


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