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The Shop is your main game interface. You will craft equipment from Blueprints in your crafting slots, and sell equipment to customers who enter your shop. Blueprints are unlocked by repeatedly crafting blueprints, by opening Inn Chests, by purchasing packages, and by completing City Raids. You can customize the layout of Furniture and Decorations in your shop. Your Furniture types are Resource Bins, Workstations, Fusion Cauldron, Racks, Storage, and Counter. Each piece of furniture can be stored in the Furniture Interface, and can be upgraded to increase it's functionality. Storing and placing furniture from storage has no penalty.

Resource Bins control your resource capacity and each have a resource regeneration rate, where having 3 bins will grant 3x faster regeneration for that type. Workstations limit your crafting speed and can be upgraded to allow faster crafting from higher level Workers. Each Rack grants bonus Energy when equipment of the corresponding type is sold to a customer. Storage furniture (chest, shelf, and wardrobe) controls how much equipment you can hold for equipping or selling to customers, and is the maximum amount of each Special Resource you can hold. The Counter is your main source of Energy capacity, which is useful for suggesting and surcharging equipment to customers. Energy capacity is also affected by certain decorations.

Shop Upgrades Misc ShopUpgradeIcon.png

Shop upgrades increase the maximum number of furniture and heroes in your shop. You can upgrade your shop through the Furniture interface (small orange-yellow anvil icon on the left side of the screen, then tap the green "+ Capacity" button).

Size Furniture Visitors Cost
Coin Gems
9x15 6 1 Starting
12x15 8 2 Free
15x15 10 3 1 K 75
15x18 12 2 2.5 K 100
18x18 14 3 5 K 125
21x21 16 3 10 K 150
24x21 18 3 25 K 175
24x21 21 4 40 K 200
27x21 24 4 50 K 250
27x24 27 4 75 K 300
30x24 30 4 150 K 350
33x24 33 5 500 K 400
33x27 36 5 1 M 500
36x27 40 5 5 M 600
39x27 44 5 25 M 700
39x30 48 6 50 M 800
42x30 52 6 100 M 1 K
45x30 56 6 250 M 1.25 K
45x33 60 7 500 M 1.5 K
45x36 64 7 750 M 2 K
45x39 70 8 1 G 2.5 K
54x39 73 8 1.5 G 3.5 K
54x48 76 9 2.5 G 5 K
63x48 80 9 5 G 7.5 K


  • The maximum number of workers does not depend on the size of your shop, but on your player level (although you can use gems before your level arrives).
  • Your warehouse can store any number of purchased pieces of furniture and decorations. There is no cost to place furniture or decorations into or out of your warehouse.

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