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Resources are used to craft equipment. There are two kinds: regular resources and special resources.


Regular resources come from Resource Bins. Their production can be increased by upgrading or boosting resource buildings in the Town.

Tier 1 Tier 2 Tier 3
Resource Building Resource Building Resource Building
Leather Leather Tannery Fabric Fabric Textile Factory Mana Mana Mana Beacon
Wood Wood Sawmill Hardwood Hardwood Fine Woods Inc. Jewels Jewels Fine Jewels & Co.
Iron Iron Iron Mine Steel Steel Foundry
Herbs Herbs Garden Oil Oil Refinery


Also known as rare resources or special items, special resources are materials required to craft certain equipment. They are obtained by sending Heroes on Resource Quests from The Inn. You may hold a maximum number of each special resource equal to your storage capacity. For example, 50 storage capacity can hold at most 50 of each special resource.
Exception: special resources and equipment obtained by special means such as opening chests or bags are allowed to overflow the storage capacity.

Each special resource has a level. Following the Halloween 2015 update, players cannot see a special resource on the trade house if the resource is more than 5 levels above their player level (see forum post). Following 2019 Trade House update, players can no longer see anything more than 2 levels above their player level. For example, a player level 12 can see up to Iron Carapace (resource level 14), but not Wyvern Wing (resource level 16).

Exception: Any resource you obtain becomes visible in the trade house regardless of level.
(Quests/Raids/Bags/Chests/Roulette/Special Events/Micro-Transaction Store Purchases)

Resource Level Resource Level Resource Level
Shiny Gem Shiny Gem 2 Royal Bone Royal Bone 20 Adamantium Adamantium 40
Elven Dew Elven Dew 3 Liquid Fire Liquid Fire 22 Ancient Essence Ancient Essence 42
Viper Essence Viper Essence 4 Yggdrasil Leaf Yggdrasil Leaf 24 Frostfire Crystal Frostfire Crystal 44
Iron Wood Iron Wood 6 SResource CommandStoneIcon Command Stone 25 SResource ProphetGemIcon Prophet Gem (City Raids) 45
Burning Ember Burning Ember 8 Silver Steel Silver Steel 26 Obsidian Coral Obsidian Coral 46
Rainbow Dust Rainbow Dust 10 Phoenix Feather Phoenix Feather 28 Shard of Gaia Shard of Gaia 48
Moon Shard Moon Shard 12 Golden Thread Golden Thread 30 Primordial Horn Primal Horn 50
Iron Carapace Iron Carapace 14 Demon Heart Demon Heart 32 Hellfire Ruby Hellfire Ruby (City Raids) 52
SResource ChargeOreIcon Charge Ore 15 Dark Energy Dark Energy 34 Aragonite Aragonite (City Raids) 54
Wyvern Wing Wyvern Wing 16 Sun Tear Sun Tear 36 SResource PrejudgeCrystalIcon Prejudge Crystal (City Raids) 55
Frozen Core Frozen Core 18 Dragon Scale Dragon Scale 38 Empyrean Dew Empyrean Dew (Trade Wars) 60
Infernal Horn Infernal Horn (Trade Wars) 60
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