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Items are made at various qualities: normal, good, great, flawless, epic, and legendary.
Higher quality items are more rare.
Items are most often made at normal quality, although most early recipes can be mastered to always produce good or great items.

According to the developers, quality is determined by two factors.
The first is based on the sum of the Mastery of each of your workers (not just the ones related to the item being crafted).
If you beat this roll, then a second roll determines what quality item was really crafted.
Also, when a recipe is upgraded to a higher quality in this way, you also have the option of spending gems to advance the quality one level further.
For instance, if you get a Flawless item, you could spend gems to upgrade that item to Epic.
This is not a good way to spend gems if you are going to sell the item to one of your customers, but it is a good way to achieve powerful, unbreakable gear for your adventurers.
Note that a legendary item can't be upgraded this way. Mythical items can only be aquired through fusion and as drops from chests, loot bags and probably as special loot item from quests.

Epic gear within one level of a hero's level and Legendary gear within three levels of a hero's level will have a 0% chance to break.
For this reason, if a hero levels up, it is a good idea to check their gear and make sure you aren't risking epic and legendary gear if you send them on quests.
Once a hero reaches maximum level (25 for tier 1 heroes), you can begin to look for what is commonly referred to as permanents[1] or permas[1] for short, which are special version of Unbreakables[2].
This will give a great deal of power for the adventurer without risk of loss.

Higher quality items sell for more gold and also have higher power with less of a chance to break during quests.
Some recipes, once mastered, will always craft at a higher quality.

Quality Good Quality Great Quality Flawless Quality Epic Quality[2] Legendary Quality[2] Mythical Quality[2]
Price Increase +25% or 1.25x +100% or 2x +200% or 3x +400% or 5x +900% or 10x +2400% or 25x
Power Increase +10% +20% +30% +50% +100% +400%
Break Chance 75% of original


50% of original


30% of original


15% of original


5% of original


4% of original



  1. 1.0 1.1 permanents aka "permas" = Unbreakables for max level Heroes.
  2. 2.0 2.1 2.2 2.3 Unbreakables = Equipment of Epic Quality quality(±1 level) and/or Legendary Quality quality(±3 levels) near the hero's level with 0%(no) chance of breaking