The seventh type of Chest found in the game.

Primal chests can only be obtained from City Raids after having first collected the blueprint for that specific raid.

They can also be bought from the Trade House

  • Primal Chests can be automatically opened for 750 Misc GemIcon.
  • Note: Primal Chest Keys are going to be very expensive (a lot more than 750 Misc GemIcon) in the Trade House
  • Primal Chest Keys can be found in Champion Bags from Arena (PvP)


Weapons: Durandal, Tenderizer, Shattered Wand, Frenzied Axe, Primordial Trident, Demonic Blast, Aphotic Shiv

Garments: Holy Tunic, Black Crow, Oracle Shield, Jade Helm, Royal Tiara, Volcanic Smashers, Titan's Feet, Firewalkers, Oracle's Armor

Accessories: Draconic Tea, Guardian Seal, Gaia's Essence, Antimagic Band, Gaia's Heart

Special Resources

Primal chests may contain N? special resources. Types of resources: ?


The following items have been found in Primal Chests. In terms of quantity, expect N? items per chest when their quality is Misc QGreatIcon, N? when Misc QEpicIcon, N? when Misc QFlawlessIcon, and 1 when Misc QLegendaryIcon.

  • Weapons:
  • Garments:
  • Accessories:

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