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Palentine Update! February 2017

Hi ShopKeepers!

Here are the patchnotes for February!

Seasonal Packages for new players

1. Valentine's Day Package 2016 ($14.99 USD, Time Limited: February 14th - February 28th)

  • 12,500 Gold
  • 750 Gems
  • 4 Avatar Items (Bow+ Flower + Wings + Scarf)
  • Line of 4 Blueprints
    • Charming Scroll (Level 14 Spell)
    • Heart Seeker (Level 28 Projectile)
    • Lovestruck (Level 38 Bow)
    • Affection (Level 45 Staff, Energetic 2 at Mythical)
  • Exclusive Lovers Carpet Decoration

2. Care Package ($14.99 USD, Time Limited: February 14th - February 28th)

  • 12,500 Gold
  • 750 Gems
  • 3 Avatar Items (Face+ Cape + Hat)
  • Line of 3 Blueprints
    • Heart Helmet (Level 15 Hat)
    • Heart Shooter (Level 31 Gun)
    • Heart Ring (Level 48 Ring, Revive 2 at Mythical)
  • Exclusive Flying Hearts Decoration (-1% Bonus Craft Time)

3. Love Package ($14.99 USD, Time Limited: February 14th - February 28th)

  • 12,500 Gold
  • 750 Gems
  • 2 Floors/Walls Patterns
  • Line of 3 Blueprints
    • Heart Robe (Level 18 Robe)
    • Heart Pendant (Level 15 Pendant)
    • Heartstopper Axe (Level 47 Axe, Energetic 2 at Mythical)
  • Exclusive Pixel Heart Decoration (-1% Bonus Quest Time)

Seasonal Packages for players who bought package last year

Valentine's Day Package ($24.99 USD, Time Limited: February 14th - February 28th)

  • 1500 Gems
  • 3 Avatar Items (Face+ Cape + Hat)
  • 2 Floors/Walls Patterns
  • Line of 3 Blueprints
    • Heart Helmet (Level 15 Hat)
    • Heart Shooter (Level 31 Gun)
    • Heart Ring (Level 48 Ring, Revive 2 at Mythical)
  • Line of 3 Blueprints
    • Heart Robe (Level 18 Robe)
    • Heart Pendant (Level 15 Pendant)
    • Heartstopper Axe (Level 47 Axe, Energetic 2 at Mythical)
  • Exclusive Flying Hearts Decoration (-1% Bonus Craft Time)
  • Exclusive Pixel Heart Decoration (-1% Bonus Quest Time)


  • Added Guns as a second weapon type for Lorelei
  • Rebalanced costs for slots throughout the game (gold, gems and upgraded values)
  • Added a new tooltip on the loading screen
  • Added a new city notification when a neighbor fills another player's city requests


  • Fixed an issue where Endless Raid would appear as level 26
  • Fixed an issue where default language was not detected properly for certain languages

Chinese New Year Packages! January 2017

Hi Shop Keepers,

There isn't any new content this patch, just a couple of fixes. Here's your information for the new packages.

Seasonal Packages for new players

1. Winter Package 2015 ($14.99 USD, Time Limited: January 24th - February 7th)

   12,500 Gold
   750 Gems
   4 Avatar Items (Handheld + Cape + Wings + Hat)
   Line of 3 Blueprints
       Skadi's Tiara (Level 18 Hat)
       Skadi's Charm (Level 35 Pendant)
       Frostfire Gauntlets (Level 45 Gauntlets, Aura of Protection at Mythical)
   Exclusive Crystal Pylon Decoration

2. Lucky Rooster Package ($14.99 USD, Time Limited: January 24th - February 7th)

   12,500 Gold
   750 Gems
   3 Avatar Items (Handheld + Cape + Hat)
   Line of 3 Blueprints
       Jeweled Hat (Level 13 Hat)
       Chinese Drum (Level 29 Instrument)
       Lion Mace (Level 48 Mace, Leader 1 at Mythical)
   Exclusive Lucky Rooster Decoration

3. Celebration Package ($14.99 USD, Time Limited: January 24th - February 7th)

   12,500 Gold
   750 Gems
   2 Floors/Walls Patterns
   Line of 3 Blueprints
       Bronze Dagger (Level 8 Dagger)
       Oriental Vest (Level 30 Armor)
       Green Dragon (Level 48 Spear, Aura of Protection at Legendary)
   Exclusive Chinese Lantern Decoration

Seasonal Packages for players who bought package last year

Chinese New Year Package ($24.99 USD, Time Limited: January 24th - February 7th)

   1500 Gems
   3 Avatar Items (Handheld + Cape + Hat)
   2 Floors/Walls Patterns
   Line of 3 Blueprints
       Jeweled Hat (Level 13 Hat)
       Chinese Drum (Level 29 Instrument)
       Lion Mace (Level 48 Mace, Leader 1 at Mythical)
   Line of 3 Blueprints
       Bronze Dagger (Level 8 Dagger)
       Oriental Vest (Level 30 Armor)
       Green Dragon (Level 48 Spear, Aura of Protection at Legendary)
   Exclusive Lucky Rooster Decoration
   Exclusive Chinese Lantern Decoration


   Changed minimum price of artifacts to 20% of current value

Bug Fixes

   Fixed an issue where players were able to request an item under minimum price
   Fixed an issue where players were able to offer an item under minimum price

Additional Changes:

   Fixed Trade House Filters for new Items
   Added new items to Champion's Bags loot table

New Known Issue: Thanksgiving Walls appear as CNY Walls

Holiday Patch Notes! December 2016

Hey ShopKeepers!

The time is near! We're here with patch notes to spread some holiday cheer!

Seasonal Packages for new players

1. Holiday Package 2015 ($14.99 USD, Time Limited: December 20th - January 3rd)

   12,500 Gold
   750 Gems
   3 Avatar Items (Handheld + Cape + Hat)
   Line of 3 Blueprints
       Mistletoe (Level 10 Remedy)
       Candy Cane Pistol (Level 27 Gun)
       Angelic Bell (Level 46 Instrument, Resourceful 2 at Legendary)
   Interior Decoration Turkey Table

2. Cheerful Package ($14.99 USD, Time Limited: December 20th - January 3rd)

   12,500 Gold
   750 Gems
   3 Avatar Items (Handheld + Cape + Hat)
   Line of 3 Blueprints
       Festive Bombs (Level 14 Projectile)
       Santa's Gloves (Level 32 Gloves)
       Naughty and Nice (Level 48 Sword, Healer 2 at Mythical)
   Exclusive Gift Box Decoration

3. Snowy Package ($14.99 USD, Time Limited: December 20th - January 3rd)

   12,500 Gold
   750 Gems
   2 Floors/Walls Patterns
   Line of 3 Blueprints
       Eggnog Potion (Level 14 Potion)
       Candy Cane Staff (Level 28 Staff)
       Santa's List (Level 45 Spell, Detect Secrets at Mythical)
   Exclusive Snowman Decoration

Seasonal Packages for players who [*]bought package last year

Holiday Package ($24.99 USD, Time Limited: December 20th - January 3rd)

   1500 Gems
   3 Avatar Items (Handheld + Cape + Hat)
   2 Floors/Walls Patterns
   Line of 3 Blueprints
       Festive Bombs (Level 14 Projectile)
       Santa's Gloves (Level 32 Gloves)
       Naughty and Nice (Level 48 Sword, Healer 2 at Mythical)
   Line of 3 Blueprints
       Eggnog Potion (Level 14 Potion)
       Candy Cane Staff (Level 28 Staff)
       Santa's List (Level 45 Spell, Detect Secrets at Mythical)
   Exclusive Gift Box Decoration
   Exclusive Snowman Decoration


   Added 25 New Items in the regular blueprint lines (1 per item type). These items are unlocked at the 4th upgrade of the previous last blueprint (i.e. Unholy Fangs now has an unlock for Blade of Power instead of -20% mana)
   Added 25 New Primal Chest Blueprints Above Level 50 (1 per item type)
   Added 2 Quests each with their own Boss and Trophy
       Tainted Grove (Shard of Gaia): Required group power 500 000, 3 days
       Primal Lair (Primal Horn): Required group power 750 000, 7 days
   Added 5 New City Raid Levels (26-30), Endless Raid now starts after 30
   Added 2 New Artifacts: Hellfire Ruby and Aragonite, both obtained from new City Raid levels
   All Buildings Cap increased to level 55 (Except Castle at 50)
   All Workers Cap increased to level 55
   Increased Cap on most Heroes
       Melina, Karal (Unchanged, 25)
       Theor, Garreth (Unchanged, 30)
       Clovis, Minh (35)
       Palash, Albert, Gauvin, Mila, Nya (40)
       Irene, Darthos, Oneira, Lancaster, Odette (45)
       Kurul, Fiora, Azula, Francesca (50)
       Louca, Kuro Shobi, Alicia, Mojian, Edward, Lorelei (55)
   Retroactively added Infantry Helmet to players who purchased the OSD Package

Nerf this! (and other balance changes)

   Fixed certain blueprints that had skills without the appropriate resources (such as metalworking without iron or steel)
   Keys will be untradeable for players until they opened up a certain amount of chests of each type (will not affect any type of keys current players have had)
       Wood 25
       Leather 25
       Iron 20
       Gold 20
       Magic 15
       Dwarvish 15
       Primal 10
   Increased Minimum Level to trade with gems from 15 to 20 (now also affects incoming gems rather than outgoing only)
   Rebalanced Gem for early level ups, special orders and personal quests
   Rebalanced Levels at which Craft/Quest/Worker/Trade slot open
   Rebalanced Trade Slot gem costs

Can we fix it? Yes, we can!

   Fixed left wall being unclickable under certain conditions
   Fixed multiple crashes
   Multiple Server Optimizations
   Players from all over the world should now be loading from locations closer to them

Known Issues

   The snowman decoration turns into a black square when in transition to storage
   Certain Avatar animations are not in sync with the shopkeeper

Spoopy patch notes! October 2016

Seasonal Packages: We have changed the way seasonal packages are done. From now on, new players will have 3 options available to them at $14.99 a pack including last year's seasonal pack. Players who have already purchased the first seasonal pack will have the option to buy ONE (1) package that is a combination of the TWO (2) new seasonal packages for a price of $24.99.

Yes, we will take in your feedback for the future on these packages, but there will be no change to this new structure until at least December.

  1. Halloween Package 2015 ($14.99USD, Time Limited: October 25th - November 8th)
    • 12,500 Gold
    • 750 Gems
    • 2 Avatar Items (Handheld + Cape)
    • Line of 3 Blueprints
      • Pumpkin Head (Level 8 Hat)
      • Reaper (Level 22 Axe)
      • Nightmare Cape (Level 33 Robe, Shadowstep at Legendary)
    • Exclusive Tombstone Decoration
  2. Hollow Package ($14.99USD, Time Limited: October 25th - November 8th)
    • 12,500 Gold
    • 750 Gems
    • 5 Avatar Items (Hat, Cape, Back, Handheld and Tattoo)
    • Line of 3 Blueprints
      • Pumpkin Smasher (Level 13 Mace)
      • Hallowed Grip (Level 32 Gauntlets)
      • Hallowed Skull (Level 47 Helm, Revive 2 at Mythical)
    • Exclusive Ghostkin Decoration
  3. Spooky Shop Package ($14.99USD, Time Limited: October 25th - November 8th)
    • 12,500 Gold
    • 750 Gems
    • 2 Floors/Walls Patterns
    • Line of 3 Blueprints
      • Hallowed Striker (Level 13 Bow)
      • Hallowed Stomper (Level 33 Boots)
      • Hallowed Casket (Level 48 Heavy Armor, Energetic 1 at Mythical)
    • Exclusive Jack-o-All-Emotions Decoration


  • Gauntlets mana and jewel costs have been updated to be consistent with other item lines
  • Replaced gold rewards in city raid with chests


  • Changed fonts for Asian languages
  • Improved localization for Simplified Chinese
  • Added 8 new walls in the furniture store


  • Fixed an issue where city upgrades would allow you to craft items of with a certain skill without any workers
  • Fixed an issue where the Game Master icon would appear as a white square in chat
  • Fixed an issue where trade filters would show levels for all shopkeeper levels
  • Fixed an issue where you wouldn't be able to change arena equipment while hero was on quest
  • Fixed an issue where exiting raid rewards progress bar would make the raid icon inactive
  • Fixed an issue with one of the arena environments
  • Fixed an issue where players had to confirm multiple times when selecting mayor's choice
  • Changed wall decoration name to differentiate from wall patterns

Anniversary Patch! September 2016

Back to School Package ($14.99 USD, Time Limited: September 27th - October 11th)

  • 12,500 Gold
  • 750 Gems
  • 4 Avatar Items (Hat, Wand, Robe and Glasses)
  • Line of 3 blueprints
    • Hand Drum (Level 8 Instrument)
    • Unicorn Essence (Level 32 Remedy)
    • Primal Compendium (Level 49 Spell - Scavenger 2 at Mythical)
  • Exclusive Magicat Decoration


New Feature: Floor/Wall Customizations

  • Purchase new tiles for your shop in the Furniture store
  • Each tile only needs to be purchased once and can be used to create patterns in your shop
  • 29 new floor tiles and 5 new walls (Will add more in the future!)

New Feature: Arena End of Season Rewards Earn rewards for finishing at the top of the rankings when the Arena season ends! Finish in the top 100 to have an exclusive shopkeeper icon on your profile and in chat for the following month! 1. 5000 gems + Arena Champion Icon 2. 2500 gems + Arena Champion Icon 3. 1000 gems + Arena Champion Icon 4. 750 gems + Arena Champion Icon 5. 500 gems + Arena Champion Icon 6-25 250 gems + Elite Icon 26-50 150 gems + Elite Icon 51-100 100 gems + Elite Icon 101-250 50 gems

New Feature: Mayor Board

  • Mayors can now leave a permanent message in a new tab in the chat window

New City Raid: Howling Mountain

  • A new city raid has been added to the rotation along with a new blueprint to earn!


  • Potions are now unlocked via Healing Herbs in addition to hiring workers
  • Multiple adjustments to tutorial
  • Added Shopkeeper levels 51 to 99 (Experience gained is retroactive. Earn gems for leveling)


  • Window is now resizable on Steam version
  • Optimized textures on Steam version (now scales much better on high resolution and full-screen)
  • Removed Notification Tab on Steam version (Not used on Steam)
  • Removed Hide Uncraftable items option (caused only confusion for new players)
  • New message displayed when trying to accept an invalid city invite

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed multiple error messages not displaying properly
  • Rephrased multiple error messages
  • Fixed certain cases where the heal all option would not appear
  • Fixed Fulfill buttons appearing for a split second when opening items in trade menus
  • Added missing levels for Chest and Keys
  • Fixed multiple low-occurence crashes
  • Fixed Mayor's Choice not being changeable in certain cases
  • Fixed multiple UI elements not being aligned properly

Small Patch: Version 1.0.94000

Patch Notes

  • Added a tutorial for the hold to suggest feature
  • Fixed a case where failing a quest would cause Gems to temporarily disappear from the main HUD
  • Fixed some text outlines not using the correct color
  • Fixed level requirement on slots being layered behind the buttons
  • Fixed item flickering in crafting lists (this should also make the game run much smoother for everyone)
  • Fixed a case where you could pay twice to recruit a hero if you were lagging
  • Fixed an out of synchronization issue with furniture upgrade with gold to level 6 and 11
  • Fixed rounding issues in Trade House display
  • Fixed a case where Arena matches would freeze
  • Fixed some cases where warnings wouldn't be displayed properly for City Requests
  • Fixed an issue where abilities such as Albert's Song of Valor wouldn't trigger properly
  • Fixed a case where the Arena would make the application close at a later time after entering it multiple times
  • Fixed crash when browsing heroes with arrows
  • Fixed crash when collecting trades
  • Fixed crash when investing in buildings

HotFix August 2, 2016

Patch Notes

  • Enabled click on grey requests to see information (kept them grey for easy differentiation)
  • Adjusted Trade Tutorial for new tabs
  • Added missing Mythical filter in Trade House
  • Fixed an issue where quality of "My Trade" items wouldn't change name
  • Fixed an issue where newly unlocked blueprints wouldn't show first with "New!" tag
  • Disabled Long Press on locked blueprints
  • Fixed color of gold/gem buttons when creating offers/requests
  • Fixed an issue where quality effect around items would stick in the Trade House
  • Fixed an issue where "!" notification would stick when collecting City Trades
  • Fixed an issue where "Fulfill" button wasn't translated
  • Fixed an issue with Trade buttons using wrong pressed state
  • Optimized different inventory and item lists
  • Fixed an issue that allowed some players to purchase packages when they weren't unavailable
  • (Also includes all missing fixes from 1-0-93011 on iOS)

August Patch

New Limited Edition

  • Summer Sports Package ($14.99 USD, Time Limited: August 5th- 21st)
    • 12,500 Gold
    • 750 Gems
    • 3 Avatar Items (Laurel, Torch, Toga)
    • Line of 3 blueprints
      • Javelin (Level 14 Projectile)
      • Champion's Torch (Level 32 Staff)
      • Champion's Medal (Level 45 Pendant - Healer 2 at Mythical)
    • Exclusive Pillar of Fire Decoration

New Feature: City Requests

  • Can do 1 Request every 8 hours with the following limitations:
    • 25 Artifacts
    • 15 Common
    • 10 Good
    • 5 Great
    • 3 Flawless
    • 1 Epic / Legendary / Mythical
    • 1 Chest
    • Cannot Request Keys or Bags
  • Uses the same level rules as the regular trade house (shopkeeper level + 5 or have had the item at least once or unlocked blueprint)
  • No limitations on how many requests you can fill
  • Filling a request gives you +1 Energy per item
  • Request will be separated by user
  • You may not offer items in City Trade system

UI Improvements

  • Revamped Inventory and Crafting UI
    • Inventory now works exactly like the list of items in the fusion cauldron (no more 0 quantity, components and undiscovered blueprints)
    • Crafting now acts as your crafting book and hints at the blueprints you have yet to discover like the old inventory
    • Added buttons to swap between Inventory and Crafting
  • Revamped Trade House UI
    • Larger buttons to show both prices at all times
    • Different buttons when on confirmation screen for Offers vs Requests
    • Greyed requests when you have 0 of that item in your inventory
    • Added Level and Quality Filters
  • Improved Hero Equipment Set Management: You can now copy each item individually from Quest to Arena set
  • Added toggle to show equipment on other heroes or not
  • Heroes will now have their power displayed 100% of the time in the Arena
  • Made Battle Log and View Replay buttons more visible


  • Changed Kurul's Leader 2 to unlock at level 25
  • Arena
    • Reduced Defending Honor Losses to 75%
    • Reduced Retribution 1-2-3 debuff value to 40% (from 50%)
    • Increased Song of Valor activation chance to 60% (from 50%)
    • Reduced Improvisation buff value to 40% (from 50%)
    • Increased Screech activation chance to 60% (from 50%)


  • Changed Castle type to be "Special" instead of "Special Event"

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed some translations that used wrong language
  • Fixed some cases where heroes would not play their walking animation properly in the Arena
  • Fixed a synchronisation error when using an upgraded slot to craft an item that had an unmastered component in one of the components
  • Fixed a crash when upgrading a furniture that increased size when surrounded by other furniture
  • Fixed a crash that sometimes happened when creating a city
  • Fixed an issue where heroes would get stuck in a state if skipping a battle at the right moment
  • Fixed multiple issues with the back button / escape key
  • Fixed an issue where Scavenger would go over maximum by 1
  • Fixed an issue where City Raid would still show requirements as Castle levels 1 to 25
  • Fixed multiple small visual issues
  • Endless Raid will award Fame (this will not be backdated)

July Patch

New Limited Edition

  • Patriot Package ($14.99 USD, Time Limited: June 28th- July 12th)
    • 12,500 Gold
    • 750 Gems
    • 3 Avatar Items (Hat, Glasses, Jacket)
    • Line of 3 blueprints
      • Fireworks (Level 8 Projectile)
      • Patriot Boots (Level 27 Shoes)
      • Patriot Jacket (Level 46 Robe - Amazon 3 at Mythical)
    • Exclusive Statue of Freedom Decoration

New Feature: Arena Seasons

  • Honor resets at 3000 for everyone above at the beginning of each month
  • Win/Lose honor when defending starting at 3000 Honor

New Feature: Endless City Raids

  • Keep raiding until the event is over
  • Earn additional City Fame at the end of the event for every Endless level you complete
  • Each level requires your city to bring back an additional 2500 rewards

UI Improvements

  • Improved Inventory UI
  • Added possibility to click on a city in the rankings to view details


  • Improved Matchmaking process in the Arena to fight opponents closer to your Honor in order to increase winnings/reduce losses
  • Other
  • Added Push Notification for Daily Objective
  • Added Push Notification for Fusion Complete
  • Added Push Notification for Arena
  • Added in-game notification when neighbor earns Crown Jewels from Arena
  • Added in-game notification when neighbor earns a new Arena rank for the first time

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a synchronisation issue with upgraded crafting slots
  • Fixed a crash that occurred when accepting an invitation to a city with an upgraded building
  • Fixed scrolling issue in What's New
  • Fixed an issue where heroes would look like they leveled infinitely when getting x2 XP in extra loot
  • Fixed a case where you couldn't click on a hero in Personal Quest setup
  • Fixed some upgraded buildings' visuals
  • Fixed upgraded versions of buildings not applying boost glow properly
  • Fixed inn quest timers not being updated with upgraded inn
  • Fixed Heroes' powers displaying as boosted all the times with an upgraded building
  • Fixed Player's name staying in a pressed state
  • Fixed multiple heroes not holding their weapons in the Arena
  • Fixed heroes in the Arena barracks being sorted by Quest Power
  • Fixed a rare crash during questing tutorial
  • Fixed overlapping text in gem store
  • Fixed multiple items missing small icons on Apple Watch
  • Fixed mayor's choice not displaying correct timer and preventing change
  • Fixed an issue where heal all wouldn't be available if quest was failed
  • Fixed an issue where Personal Quest failures would still have the flying gems animation
  • Fixed an issue where Battle Log would show wrong power amount when getting debuffed
  • Fixed Chat layering issues in the Arena
  • Fixed multiple issues with Asian Languages (not available on 90023 for iOS players)

June, 3rd - Epic Patch

New Limited Edition

  • Epic Package ($14.99 USD, Time Limited: June 7th-21st)
    • 12,500 Gold
    • 750 Gems
    • 5 Avatar Items (Hat, Glasses, Beard(male)/Bread(female), Coat, Bacon Blade)
    • Line of 3 blueprints
      • Meat Shield (Level 8 Shield)
      • Bacon Blade (Level 34 Sword)
      • Jack's Brew (Level 44 Potion - Energetic 2 at Mythical)
    • Exclusive Epic Burger Animated Decoration

New Feature The Arena!

  • Assemble your team of 5 heroes to compete against other shopkeepers team
  • Level up your castle to unlock more heroes for The Arena
  • Choose which ability to use on your heroes from 3 new abilities that you unlock by completing their personal quests
  • Each match is composed of 5 1v1 match-ups, the winner is the shopkeeper with most wins
  • Every match-up compares both heroes' power after abilities activation and the highest wins
  • 2 Modes Ranked Play and Free Play
    • Ranked Play
      • Every ranked match makes you win or lose Honor which is used to rank you in the different leagues
      • 1 Ticket every 8 hours, stacks up to 3
      • Every ticket gives you access to a run that goes up to 7 wins or 3 losses
      • Earn Crown Jewels based on your wins and current rank for every completed ranked run
      • Earn a bag every 10, 20, 30... wins in ranked play. Resets to 10 wins after 24 hours
      • Bag quality is based on your current rank
    • Free Play
      • Unlimited play with no risk and no reward, perfect to try out new strategies!
  • New Bag for the highest league: Champion's Bag (similar to Primal Chest in content)

[*]Equipment Sets

  • Added a second equipment set for heroes to use in the Arena
  • Possibility to copy the quest set or use all different items (we would like to add more control eventually)

UI Improvements

  • Adjusted certain elements in the Personal Quest UI
  • Added an event popup when unlocking a hero Ability from a personal quest
  • Multiple UI improvements to the Arena's different screens
  • Added a replay function to the Battle Log


  • Multiple abilities have been rebalanced (Note: Abilities = Arena (Red), Skills = Quest (Blue))
  • Increased Tunic's power by 1


  • Added multiple Tutorials for the Arena
  • Optimized the process of upgrading shops (does not reload all furniture anymore)
  • Multiple smaller performance improvements

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed multiple bugs from the Arena
  • Fixed multiple minor crashes
  • Fixed City Raids displaying "Reward" instead of "Group Bonus"
  • Fixed an issue with purchasing artifacts from trade when attempting to use an upgraded crafting slot
  • Fixed an issue where What's New promotions wouldn't be translated into Simplified Chinese, Japanese and Korean
  • Fixed multiple heroes not closing their eyes properly when injured in quests

Known Issues

  • Market and Trader's Square upgrades are not displaying properly
  • Thief's Hideout upgrade is misaligned
  • Epic Package items missing from Apple Watch
  • New Opponent button displays wrong amount of gold on first search
  • Multiple display issues with asian characters
  • "Best Offer" text in the store is overlapping
  • Some heroes aren't holding their weapons properly when attacking
  • Arena Replays sometimes freeze softly

May 9th - May Patch

  • Features
    • New Feature: City Customization (Visual upgrades to buildings)
      • Earn Crown Jewels by doing the weekly city raids and spend them to unlock cool styles and permanent upgrades on your city buildings
      • Only the mayor can spend the Crown Jewels for a city so communication is key
    • Added the ability to visit a city
    • Search Cities by name in the City Finder


    • Removed Cinco de Mayo Splash Screen on iOS
    • Updated Game Icon to the Blacksmith for everyone
    • Added support for Simplified Chinese, Japanese and Korean
    • Added Personal Quests to all characters

UI Improvements

    • Revamped the settings menu and added the new flags
    • Revamped the City Finder with additional details
    • Revamped personal quest UI (similar to Special Orders now)
    • Added City Fame Ranking
    • Replaced Items Sales ranking with Honor (More info coming soon!)


    • Re-balanced personal quest times
    • Re-scaled Castle levels to introduce Arena unlocks (Coming Soon!)


    • Added a notification when players are in an inactive city
    • Updated different tutorials according to new city UI
    • Changed the direction of the wind in the city (Yes, the direction of the cloud movement)
    • Added a warning when trying to store a furniture that would bring you above your cap
    • Added custom sounds when opening bags
    • Added Ironmine as the default Mayor's Choice for newly created cities
    • Optimization for bigger shops

Bug Fixes

    • Fixed multiple crashes
    • Fixed multiple cases of overlapping UI
    • Fixed multiple issues with offers creation on the Apple Watch companion
    • Fixed Cinco de Mayo free tambourine being invisible
    • Fixed multiple animation bugs across all heroes
    • Removed snow remaining in one level of Inn
    • Fixed tooltips on item skills always displaying the first level
    • Fixed Worker skills not updating in the card list (for real this time!)
    • Fixed display issues with Raid timers and Inn boosts
    • Fixed an issue where sending multiple parties in a row would not get through
    • Fixed Hopping Shoes experience gain
    • Fixed a case where Facebook Linking tutorial would trigger on Facebook

Known Issues

    • Sometimes Heroes/Workers overlap each other in the Inn
    • Decorations do not get automatically placed when buying a package (find them in your storage)
    • Hero introduction may stop if the player levels up at the same time
    • Clicking on a city customization option applies a star to the associated category
    • Names in unsupported languages display the name as white squares
    • Account link tutorial message doesn't display entire Facebook name on one line in Asian languages
    • City privacy text toggle font size is very small in Spanish
    • Most NPCs do not play their particle FX when crafting
    • Very rarely, transitioning from the Inn to the Shop leaves the player stuck on a black screen until they relaunch
    • Having the Fusion Cauldron tutorial pending blocks the Innkeeper from explaining Personal Quests (tutorial)
    • Heroes still appear at the Inn to give their Personal Quests if they're resting
    • Various latency matters upon loading the game the first time
    • Robes do not count towards the "Spells Collector" achievement
    • "!" alert remains on Worker button after hiring second worker during tutorial
    • Push notifications not functioning on Samsung device
    • Game volume is not muted when watching a video in the Inn (Anastasia)
    • Apple Watch app does not destroy special items for an offer that is cancelled when beyond the maximum inventory for that item
    • Trade displays incorrect amount of gold or gems when multiple items have been sold
    • Game occasionally crashes if the user reconnects after being disconnected from a duplicate sign in
    • Game enters an unresponsive state if the user starts logging in on a device, and then is immediately kicked out because they connected from another device
    • Launching the game a second time with Kongregate connected will not allow a Kongregate connection until the user logs out and logs back in on Android
    • Can't move the camera for 4 seconds after boot
    • Enable Full Screen option in settings does not take effect until the user clicks somewhere on the browserNo message is displayed when the user selects to invite a user from Facebook
    • Game doesn't fill the entire screen if the user turns the tablet from portrait to landscape while the title is loading on iOS
    • Scroll wheel does not function anywhere in the title using Safari for Mac
    • Click state stays on "Down" if the user clicks, holds and drags the mouse off of Safari using Safari for Mac
    • Game area is obscured when playing the web version on Opera
    • Links to external pages don't function in Safari for Mac
    • Head icons not all the same scale
    • iOS does not remember the login settings if the title is launched with no internet connection (This will make it appear as if you started over)
    • Shopkeeper will occasionally be sorted in front of the modules when the modules should be in front
    • Can't click on a module infront of the Classy Carpet if the Classy Carpet was clicked first

March 21st - Easter Patch

- Content

  • Removed Winter Environment
  • New Splash Screen
  • Free Easter Egg Hat (Time Limited) Avail. til March 31

- Easter Package ($14.99USD, Time Limited) Avail. til March 31

  • 750 Gems
  • 12 500 Gold
  • 4 Avatar Items:
* Hat 
* Jacket
                 * Cane 
                 * Glasses
  • Exclusive Egg Basket Decoration
  • Blueprint Line of 3 items:
* Energizing Potion (Level 9 Potion)
* Dynamic Ring (Level 32 Ring)
* Hopping Shoes (Level 44 Shoes)
  • Added a special Trophy Decoration earned when you beat the last boss of each quest (complete the quest once if you already cleared it)

- Features

  • Added Loot Bags these work just like Chest without blueprints but cost 0 to open and are untradable!
  • Dynamic Quest Revamp:
 * Heroes now all bring back artifacts (removed additional loot option)
 * Added a special loot roll after the artifacts/raid items are given
 * Removed the chest prompt and added those to the special loot roll
 * Other rewards from special loot roll include gold, bags, double XP, repair all, heal all, blueprint fragments and keys
 * Reworked Scavenger to increase only minimum artifact/raid items looted
 * Reworked Treasure Hunter to increase maximum artifact/raid items looted
  • Added Upgraded Quest Slots (Heroes automatically rest when quest timer is expired) (We'll post pricing soon)
  • Added Upgraded Trade Slots (50 offer, 100 request, no cancel penalty)
  • Added Extra Fusion Slots (up to 3 more, accessible from the cauldron)
  • Added a Daily Goal streak with a Bag reward after 7 days

- Bags:

  • Great-Legendary Items
  • Obtained through new loot system and Daily Objective Streak
  • Completing Daily Objective 7 days in a row will earn you a bag
  • This will reset if you miss a day or complete 7 days in a row
  • Three types of bags; rarest bags only available through quests

- UI Improvements

  • Improved the missing component screen with better visuals and an option to collect resource directly from this screen
  • Changed the "My Trade" tab to be in first place and open first
  • Re-added the inventory in the Trade House HUD
  • Improved visuals for the Trade Slots
  • Improved visuals for the loading screen
  • Removed multiple HUD elements that were unnecessary in multiple screens
  • Improved the top banner in inventory screen
  • Added a different color to denote when required group power not obtained
  • Added a shortcut to Trade House when a customer is asking for an item not in your inventory
  • Added Notification when mayor changes the Mayor's choice

- Balancing

  • Rebalanced all artifacts minimum and maximum quantity in quests (Removed all 0 drop quantities)
  • Rebalanced City Raid tier difficulties
  • Limit the amount of Gold that you can trade for in the Trade House with your Networth
  • Removed epic precrafts remaining
  • Changed to FIFO for Trades in Trade House (both offers and requests)

- Other

  • Changed Adamantium Amulet name to Ancient Amulet
  • Improved game loading time
  • Improved environment loading time (Shop, Inn, City)
  • Various performance optimization
  • Removed bubbles and other HUD elements when in Screenshot Mode

- Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where a user can't participate in City Raid at least once if his city had completed it
  • Fixed an issue where the Heal All option wasn't working in some cases
  • Fixed multiple display issues on seasonal items
  • Fixed multiple Story Quests having text display issues
  • Fixed multiple localization issues
  • Fixed multiple overlap issues
  • Fixed an issue where event popup (such as exceptional craft, efficiency increased, blueprint unlocked etc.) could be close by clicking anywhere
  • Fixed an issue where the invest button would not update if the player had enough gold due to mayor's choice
  • Fixed an issue where Mayor could lock himself out of Mayor's Choice for 24 hours by selecting the same building

February 2016 - HUGE PATCH!

- Content:

  • New Loading Screen
  • FREE Avatar Sunglasses (log in before Feb. 18)

- Valentine's Day Package ($14.99 USD)

  • 750 Gems
  • 12,500 Gold
  • 4 Avatar Items:
  • Blueprint Line
 Charming Scroll (Level 14 Spell)
 Heart Seeker (Level 28 Projectile)
 Lovestruck (Level 38 Bow)
 Affection (Level 45 Staff)
  • Lover’s Carpet

- New items for all Classic Packages:

- Favorite Weapon:

  • Each hero will now have one (1) item type that is yellow on the hero’s card. This will indicate their favorite type of weapon for an even lower break chance! This will extend the unbreakable levels aka Mythics become unbreakable for 5 instead of 4 levels when favorite weapon is equipped!

- Progression Bonus!:

  • Unlocked after receiving ALL Chest Blueprints for a specific level of chest. (Unlocking all of Magic chest level blueprints will unlock the feature for those blueprints.)
  • Receiving a duplicate blueprint will add a specified number to the progression of Mastering that item
 Example: If your white dagger has 2 unlocks because you crafted it 9 times, you may get 6 additional crafts bringing it to the 3rd unlock.

- Mayor’s Choice!:

  • New option added to the Mayor menu.
  • Mayor chooses a building in which the entire city receives a DISCOUNT!
  • 24 Hour Cooldown to switch buildings


  • A 5 minute window has been added to “Cancel” trades without suffering from the 3 day locked trade slot.

- City Raids Rework:

  • Raid now has 25 steps for completion.
  • 25 rewards!
  • Steps and Difficulty are no longer directly linked
  • 3 Tiers of difficulty for each step!
 Hardest: Highest required power: Will yield largest return of loot
 Medium: Average required power: Will yield average loot
 Easy: Lowest required power: Will yield small amount of loot
  • This was implemented so all city members can participate!
  • Prizing is still level locked. Example: You’re a low level shopkeeper that can win prizing up to step 12 in the Raid, but you’re city has people participating and eligible up to step 20. You may participate during step 20 (to not lock you out), but you will only receive up to prize 12.
  • This has been implemented to keep players from coasting/power leveling with higher level cities.
  • Fame will be awarded every 5 levels

- General Improvements:

  • Type in the Quantity when creating Trade Offers/Request
  • Hold on Hero chibis in the details screen to view their intro again!
  • Allowed players to input large amounts for of gold on trade for items that 10x wasn’t met with current stipulations (10x cap is still on)
  • Added timer on the top of Special Orders bubble in the Inn
  • Improved Special Orders screen
  • “Later” button added to Special Orders
  • Fusion window does not refresh while open
  • Added a “Collect” option on the Fusion complete pop-up
  • Small improvements to the store
  • Improvements for City Raid UI to display locked rewards more clearly
  • New look for event pop-ups (Exceptional craft, Blueprint discovery, etc.)
  • Gold amount now abbreviated when over 1G
  • “!” notification on the Inn when Special Orders have expired
  • Inventory amount next to the artifacts icon when selecting quest
  • Tooltip (description of the mastered skill) when pressing on a skill in the Progress tab of an item
  • New sounds for Dwarvish/Primal Chest, City Raids and Lost Labryinth
  • Auto-party will now update when changing difficulties (City Raids and Bosses) unless the player made the change manually

- Balance Changes:

  • Rescaled the minimum investment required for buildings (1-10 4%, 11-20 2%, 21-30 1.25%, 31-40 1%, 41+ 0.5%) instead of 2% for all levels
  • Rescaled the number of crafts required to Master items
  • Reduced the number of items required for the majority of Special Orders
  • Increased the experience awarded for crafting (workers) and selling (shopkeeper) items
  • Changed City Browsing/Creation and Chat to be available at level 4 (from 5)
  • Changed Trade to be available at level 5 (from 6)
  • Changed Fusion to be available at level 6 (from 7)
  • Changed Progress for multiple chest blueprints
  • Reduced all epic pre-crafts to require only flawless
  • Reduced items required for 100% fusion to make Great and Flawless items by 1 (now respectively 2 and 3)
  • Changed minimum quality of items in chests to be Flawless

- Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed an issue with the play button on first boot
  • Fixed an issue with resource icons overlapping in building unlocks tab
  • Fixed an issue with angelic bell display in Avatar customization list
  • Fixed an issue with certain HUD elements disappearing when unlocking blueprints on login
  • Fixed an issue with multiple assets displaying as white squares the first time you see them
  • Fixed an issue where the building shortcut wouldn't appear for initial heroes (Theor, Melina, Garreth and Minh)
  • Fixed an issue with the Job Creator achievement
  • Fixed an issue where other players' networth would be 0
  • Fixed an issue where the neighbor's list would display incorrect information
  • Fixed an issue where Story quest bubbles would stay red after buying the required item from trade
  • Fixed an issue where the long press animation for crafting was displayed on every item list
  • Fixed an issue where mastered blueprints wouldn't count towards the achievement properly (retroactive)
  • Fixed an issue with Discovery Rankings in City
  • Fixed an issue where the mayor wouldn't be able to select 50 as the minimum level for his city
  • Fixed an issue where precrafting items with a reduced precraft quantity wouldn't take it into account when calculating craft time
  • Fixed an issue with Speedrunner not affecting City Raids
  • Fixed multiple issues with the daily gem popup not showing properly, gems not flying and gem count not updating properly
  • Fixed multiple issues with Android 6.0 permissions
  • Fixed multiple issues with translations' display
  • Fixed multiple issues with animations for workers
  • Fixed a crash when receiving promotional items on a Sony device
  • Fixed a crash when opening the settings on certain Android devices
  • Fixed a crash when unlocking a new skill that requires Mythical quality on certain items

January 11th 2016 - Winter Patch:


- Winter Package (14.99$ USD)

  • 750 Gems
  • 12 500 Gold
  • 4 Avatar Items (Glove, Shoulders, Wings, Crown)
  • 3 Craftable items
Skadi's Tiara (Level 18 Hat)
Skadi's Charm (Level 35 Pendant)
Frostfire Gauntlets (Level 45 Gauntlets)

- Added a Long Press animation on item crafting cards to get to the missing component menu

- Changed City tab in rankings to have city name

- Allowed all players to send at least 1 party no matter if their city progression is currently blocked in a City Raid (more changes to come in future update)

- Removed Christmas assets (Snow is still there!)

- Added Exclusive Decorations and Customization for users with Samsung Devices (will not be visible for iOS users yet)

Bug Fixes:

Fixed an issue where fusing mythical items wouldn't count towards the achievement

Fixed an issue where the Busy timer wasn't show in detail hero panel

Fixed an issue where carpets and wall decorations could become unclickable

Fixed a crash with certain item glows

Fixed City Raid Participants list not showing in the right order

Fixed City Raid Participants list crashing if someone left the city during the event

Fixed an issue with daily objectives past level 40

Fixed an issue with 6th companion slot not being exclusive to Heroes with the "Leader" skill

Fixed a glitch with the play button when booting the application

Fixed a crash with the quest screen

Added a fail-safe for some particle effects crashing on low-end devices

Fixed Giant Pack to be visible in the store again

Fixed issue where the title could occasionally crash when scrolling in the Guns or Bows section of crafting

Fixed crash that occurred when clicking on the building icon for a maximum level hero

Fixed an occasional crash that occurred when upgrading the shop

Fixed an occasional crash during trade confirmation

December 17th 2015 - Hotfix:

  • Fixed in version ending 485 (if you are on this version, all 482 will also be fixed)

- Fixed a crash with max level buildings

- Fixed other crashes with Mythical Quality trading

  • Fixed in version ending 482

- Fixed a crash when opening the detail of max level heroes

- Fixed a crash with fonts on certain devices or with certain graphic cards (mostly iOS)

- Fixed a crash with the inventory banner

- Fixed an issue where Fusion and City Raids sounds were going through settings

- Fixed a crash with the Trade House and Mythical Quality items

- Fixed a crash with city members that could cause black screens

  • New Known Issues:

- Lorelei and Charles have dithering on mobile versions

- Hard to reproduce issue where sometimes a piece of furniture/decoration is not clickable for a short time

- Blueprints shown in chest preview show blueprints that are already unlocked

- Text in chest room is aliased

December 15th 2015 - Holiday Update (BIG UPDATE):

- Limited Time Only - Holiday Package

- Shopkeeper level cap increased to level 50

- Buildings level cap increased to level 50

- New Building: Castle (Only 9 levels for now)

- Workers level cap increased to level 50 (Workers will not auto-level.)

- Heroes level cap increased per hero

- 3 New Quests and Bosses

- 100 new blueprints up to level 50 distributed between the normal crafting lines, City Raids and Chests

- 5 New Artifacts

- Added a higher quality of items with lower break %s: Mythical (only obtainable through chests and fusion)

- 2 New Chests

- 3 New Huge Shop Upgrades

- 5 Elite Shop Decorations

- 8th Worker Slot

- 2 New Bulk Customers with 10 orders each

- New Feature: Impatient Customers

- UI Improvements

- Balancing

- Other Changes

- Bug Fixes

December 10th 2015 - Hotfix:

- Added the Facebook Giveaway decorations to Android and Kongregate versions

- Added Feedback when tapping on multiple UI elements that didn't have one (settings menu)

- Added Feedback for Android 6.0

  • Note: We do not have any Android 6.0 device so there might be some issues with players on that version. We are trying to get one ASAP to test it.

- Fixed Google Play sign in always asking even if player canceled

- Fixed an issue with time remaining on active Fountain of Gems (proper time will now display)

- Fixed an issue with creating Trade Requests

- Fixed an issue with quest completion

- Fixed an issue with shop over furniture limit breaking progression for some players

December 3rd 2015 - Giant Pack:

  • 2500 Gems
  • 100,000 Gold
  • Exclusive Giant Worker

100,000 Gold Base Price Start with 25 points in Metalworking, Weaponcrafting, Magic, Rune Writing, and Mastery

12 points per level

Capped at 40 (not linked to building)

  • Exclusive Line 5 Blueprints (progress to unlock):

Druidic Axe (Level 6 Axe)

Azure Beads (Level 18 Pendant)

Giant's Hammer (Level 25 Mace)

Obsidian Spear (Level 32 Spear)

Balmung (Level 40 Sword)

  • Exclusive Magic Anvil Interior Decoration (Increases your crafting speed by 5%)

November 26th 2015 - Hotfix:

Content - Black Friday Promotion for Facebook Web Players: Login from then 26th to the 29th to receive an exclusive carpet and wall lamp - Please note this will only be visible from a Facebook login via browser. Please let us know if you have any trouble visiting a shop with these items.

Balancing - Reduced Quest time for all quests between Desert of Doom and Chaos Gate - Reduced Gem Price for Extra Loot - Tweaked Crafting Time for lower level items to match new progression (This should speed up progression for early level players.)

-Additionally, a 10% tax has been added for leaving a city. This went live already. We apologize for the delay.

Bugs - Fixed an issue where players were not able to request all items properly - Fixed an issue where daily objectives would ask players to send parties on a quest but would not count progress properly - Fixed an issue where special orders were not giving back items properly when failed

November 23rd 2015 - Thanksgiving Update:

  • Introducing Special Orders
  • Thanksgiving Pack $14.99 (Available until Dec. 3): 750 Gems, 25000 Gold, 3 Exclusive Avatar Items, Exclusive Cornucopia Exterior Decoration, and 3 Exclusive Line Blueprints: Gaia's Javelin (Level 9 Spear), Gaia's Mantle (Level 27 Robe), Jorou's Crown (Level 38 Hat)
  • Shopkeeper Editor Mode (Customize and share your avatar)
  • Reduced crafting time and resource cost for level 30+ blueprints
  • Reduced Fusion success rate for higher quality items using 2*4 items
  • Minimum Group Power: if your party's total power isn't high enough, you can't send them on that quest.

  • Revamped UI for the Micro-Transaction Store
  • Revamped icons for the Inventory
  • Revamped item icons
  • Added in a way to earn free gems, accessible from The Inn
  • Revamped item sale UI
  • New Quest UI / changed quest power required

October 28th 2015 - Trade House Hotfix:

  • Trade Offers only appear for up to 5 levels above your Shop Keeper

October 20th 2015 - Halloween Update:

  • Introduced Fusion
  • Halloween Pack:
    • 750 Gems
    • 12,500 Coins
    • 1 Tombstone exterior decoration
    • 2 Avatar Customizations
    • Blueprints:
      • Pumpkin Head Level 8
      • Reaper Level 24
      • Nightmare Cape Level 33
  • Added 2 new items to each Classic Pack: (You will receive these if previously purchased)
    • Warrior
      • Valkyrie Boots (Level 14)
      • Valkyrie Armor (Level 30)
    • Rogue
      • Nimble Ring (Level 14)
      • Valkyrie Touch (Level 30)
    • Wizard
      • Wisdom Gloves (Level 14)
      • Njord (Level 30)
  • Trade caps added to the Trade House
  • Lowered level for third worker from 12 to 10
  • Rebalanced Daily Quests and reworked their selection
  • Better feedback when receiving packages and daily gems
  • Rebalanced some Hats and Rings Blueprints
  • Rebalanced unlock level of the Fighter's Guild
  • Reduced early investment prices for the Fighter's Guild and Cathedral
  • UI Changes including adding worker slots and expanding shop
  • Loading optimizations
  • Rebalanced Heroes visits
  • More translations
  • Added tutorial for Linking Accounts
  • Kongregate Mobile Sign-In
  • Roulette Nerfs:
    • Price increases by 10 for every spin in the same 8 hour period.
    • Epics are capped to quantity of 2
    • Legendaries are capped to quantity of 1

See the announcement on the Cloudcade forum.

(note: the two new recipes of the Rogue and Wizard packages originally accidentally got switched in the announcement)

September 25th 2015 - v1.0.52:

Thanks for playing Shop Heroes! In this first update since going live, we have addressed most of the kinks that come with releasing for the first time. Thank you for downloading and playing the game!

September ??th 2015 - v1.0.51308:

This is the version number that the splash screen was showing.

September 17th 2015 - v1.0.5:

iOS 9 support - split screen and multi-tasking supported

September 14th 2015 - v1.0:

(no info)