Package blueprints cannot be found in chests or purchased with blueprint fragments. These blueprints are obtained from Packages that can only be bought with real money.

Special Packages, such as the Harvest Package or Snowy Package, consist of 3 blueprints and are/were only available for purchase for a limited time.

Also see the Micro-Transaction Store for more info.

Name BP Type Level Package

Warrior Package

Shieldbreaker Maces 3
Valkyrie Boots Boots 14
Bulwark Shields 22
Valkyrie Armour Armour 30
Valkyrie Helm Helmets 41
Valkyrie Grip Gauntlets 47

Wizard Package

Druidic Shoes Footwear 3
Wisdom Gloves Bracers 14
Wisdom Potion Potions 22
Njord Spells 30
Valkyrie's Wisdom Staves 41
Wisdom Ocarina Instruments 47

Ninja Package

Kris Daggers 3
Nimble ring Rings 14
Bladed Feather Projectiles 22
Valkyrie's Touch Bows 30
Valkyrie's Embrace Vests 41
Loki's Mask Hats 47

Halloween Package 2015

Pumpkin Head Hats
Reaper Axes
Nightmare Cape Clothes

Harvest Package 2015

Gaia's Javelin Spears
Gaia's Mantle Clothes
Jorou's Crown Hats

Advanced Shopfare

Druidic Axe Axes
Azure Beads Pendants
Giant's Hammer Maces
Obsidian Spear Spears
Balmung Swords
G.F.G Guns

Holiday Package 2015

Mistletoe Remedies
Candy cane Pistol Guns
Angelic Bell Instruments

Winter Package 2016

Skadi's Tiara Hats
Skadi's Charm Pendants
Frostfire Gauntlet Gauntlets

Valentine's Day Package 2016

Charming Scroll Spells
Heart Seeker Projectiles
Lovestruck Bows
Affection Staves

Pack Of All Trades

Midnight Sword Swords
Jacket Vests
Adventurer's Boots Boots
Adventurer's helm Helmets
Adventurer's Shield Shields
Magic Beans Remedies

Easter Package 2016

Energizing Potion Potions
Dynamic Ring Rings
Hopping Shoes Footwear

Cinco De Mayo Package 2016

Tlahuiztli Armour
Ehecatl's Gloves Bracers
Tecpatl Daggers

Epic Package

Meat Shield Shields
Bacon Blade Swords
Jack's Brew Potions

Patriot Package 2016

Fireworks Projectiles
Patriot's Boots Boots
Patriot's Jacket Clothes

Summer Sports Package 2016

Champion's Javelin Spears
Champion's Torch Staves
Champion's Medal Pendants

Heroic Package #1

Merchant's Armour Vests
Tribarrel Guns
Infinity Ring Rings
Death Veil Hats
Midas' Gloves Bracers
Primal Dagger Daggers

Back To School Package

Hand Drum Instruments
Unicorn Essence Remedies
Primal Compendium Spells

Halloween Package

Hollow Package
Pumpkin Smasher Maces
Hallowed Grip Gauntlets
Hallowed Skull Helmets
Spooky Shop Package
Hallowed Striker Bows
Hallowed Stomper Boots
Hallowed Casket Armour

Operation Supply Drop Package

Infantry Helm Helmets

Harvest Package (2016 Bundle)

Harvest Package 2016
Pitchfork Spear
Cornucopia Remedies
Sunflower Shield Shields
Fall Package
Hoe Axes
Harvest Shoes Footwear
Squash Bomb Projectiles

Festive Bombs Projectiles
Santa's Gloves Bracers
Naughty And Nice Swords
Eggnog Potion Potions
Candy Cane Staff Staves
Santa's List Spells
Jeweled Hat Hats
Chinese Drum Instruments
Lion Mace Maces
Bronze Dagger Daggers
Oriental Vest Vests
Green Dragon Spears
Heart Helmet Helmets
Heart Shooter Guns
Heart Ring Rings
Heart Robe Clothes
Heart Pendant Pendants
Heartstopper Axe Axes
Mystic Gloves Bracers
Mystic Staff Staves
Mystic Scroll Spells
Mystic Potion Potions
Mystic Ring Rings
Mystic Vest Vests
Bunny Pendant Pendants
Bunny Helmet Helmets
Eggsplosives Projectiles
Sprout Staff Staves
Bunny Shield Shields
Bunny Harp Instruments
Chimalli Shields
Itztopilli Axes
Teonanacatl Remedies
Macuahuitl Swords
Tepoztopilli Spears
Jaguar Helm Hats
Six Shooter Guns
Cowboy Hat Hats
Cow Hide Vest Vests
Starry Ring Rings
Starry Shield Shields
Starry Gloves Bracers
Jaded Blade Swords
Demon Shield Shields
Demon Trackers Footwear
Deception Staff Staves
Clown Dust Remedies
Deception Scroll Spells
Maple Spear Spears
Maple Staff Staves
Maple Potion Potions
Carver Daggers
Harvest Bow Bows
Harvest Flute Instruments
Chalice Potions
Royal Sceptre Maces
Wedding Band Rings
Royal Trumpet Instruments
Royal Uniform Clothes
Wedding Ring Rings
The Art of War Spells
Gu Zheng Instruments
Repeater Crossbow Bows
Poison Needles Projectiles
Lu Bu's War Helmet Helmets
Fangtian Pike Spears
Talisman Pendant
Soul Eater Sword
Oni Mask Hats
Bagua Mirror Shields
Spirit Fire Projectiles
Umbrella Demon Spears
Sunsetter Bows
Imperial Edict Spells
Honor Mail Armour
Tiger Seal Spells
Family Heirloom Pendants
Rebellion Spears
Starfrost Pendant Pendants
Starfrost Impaler Spears
Starfrost Divider Axes
Starfrost Bloom Remedies
Starfrost Platemail Armour
Starfrost Skates Boots
Scarab Shield Shields
Snake Headdress Hats
Pharaoh Flail Maces
Pharaoh's Crook Staves
Ankh Amulet Pendants
Viper Headdress Helmets
Horseshoe Ring Rings
Lucky Clover Remedies
Celtic Shield Shields
Celtic Slate Spells
Celtic Bracers Bracers
Celtic Coat Clothes
Sakura Mochi Potions
Sakura Boots Boots
Kaiken Daggers
Shinai Spears
Sakura Kimono Clothes
Shamisen Instruments
Fishing Spear Spears
Pirate Boots Boots
Pirate's Brew Potions
Hand Hook Gauntlets
Pirate Leathers Vests
Pirate Gun Guns
Challenger's Maul Maces
Dominator's Mace Maces
Tactician's Gavel Maces
Frenzy Club Maces
Devastating Basher Maces
Ruinous Crusher Maces
Challenger's Rod Staves
Dominator's Wand Staves
Tactician's Caster Staves
Frenzy Wand Staves
Devastating Staff Staves
Ruinous Sceptre Staves
Macaron Shield Shields
Sugar Rush Tea Remedies
Cookie Cutter Projectiles
Spatula Staves
Fireproof Mitts Gauntlets
Baking Apron Clothes
Guardian Protector Bracers
Dragon's Breath Guns
Ceremonial Er-Hu Instruments
Dragon Signet Rings
Fairy's Mount Staves
Wyvern Plate Armour
Challenger's Hatchet Axes
Dominator's Reaver Axes
Tactician's Splitter Axes
Frenzy Axe Axes
Devastating Sunder Axes
Ruinous Tusk Axes
Challenger's Spear Spears
Dominator's Impaler Spears
Tactician's Voulge Spears
Frenzy Tip Spears
Devastating Pike Spears
Ruinous Lance Spears
Sweet Surprise Daggers
Shark Bite Shields
Crab Hat Hats
Elfen Sunblock Remedies
Life Vest Clothes
Swimming Fins Footwear
Mummy Hands Bracers
Quicksilver Projectiles
Vampire Hunter Vests
Scorpion Tail Spears
Grotesque Ring Rings
Ominous Charm Pendants
Jungle Boots Boots
Silent But Deadly Guns
Ritual Djembe Instruments
Safari Hat Hats
Emergency Water Potions
Vine Slasher Daggers
Gingerbread Man Remedies
Sub Zero 3000 Swords
Ugly Sweater Clothes
Snow Bunny Rings
Floral Medley Hats
Nature's Wrath Bows
Emerald March Vests
Luna Staves
Mother Nature Shields
A.I Helmets
Refractor Panel Shields
Cybernetic Gauntlet Gauntlets
Proto-Skate Boots
Starfall Bows
Oni Assassin Mask Hats
Oni War Helm Helmets
Oni Gunbai Axes
Oni Kanabo Maces
Bug Vision Hats
Majestic Beetle Carapace Armour
Wicked Mantis Axes
Hornet Stinger Guns
Wabbit Sword Swords
Qanun Instruments
Golden Shamsir Swords
Oil Lamp Potions
Dawn Spears
Dragon's Robe Clothes
Rainmakers Maces
Invincible Scales Vests
Condemned Circlet Hats
Searing Piercer Spears
Heavenly Fire Wheels Footwear
Anniversary Bayonet Daggers
Anniversary Plate Armour
Anniversary Crossbow Bows
Anniversary Matchlock Guns
Anniversary Gauntlets Gauntlets
Anniversary Greaves Boots
Holy Pawjama Clothes
Furmidable Steel Daggers
Purrfect Aim Guns
Cat-astrophe Projectiles
Clawful Titanium Gauntlets
Feline Casque Helmets
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