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The Micro-Transaction Store is where you buy in-game items and currency for real money.

  • Note: Only US dollar prices are fixed. All others fluctuate by the currency conversion rates used by Google, Apple, Facebook and Kongregate and may or may not include VAT, depending on the location of the player.
  • Note: Please feel free to add your own currency to the tables.


Tap the button that is marked in the image below to access the Micro-Transaction Store.



Gem Pouch
Gem Satchel
Gem Bag
Gem Pack
Gem Box
Gem Chest
200 Misc GemIcon 550Misc GemIcon 1,150 Misc GemIcon 3,000 Misc GemIcon 6,500 Misc GemIcon 14,500 Misc GemIcon
$1.99 USD

€1.82 EUR

$2.47 CAD

$4.99 USD

€4.55 EUR

$6.21 CAD

$9.99 USD

€9.11 EUR

$12.42 CAD

$24.99 USD

€22.79 EUR

$31.08 CAD

$49.99 USD

€45.59 EUR

$62.17 CAD

$99.99 USD

€91.20 EUR

$124.35 CAD


Gem Fountain
3,000 Misc GemIcon
100 Misc GemIcon / day for 30 days
$9.99 USD

€9.11 EUR

$12.42 CAD


  • Note: All Packages are a one-time purchase only!
Name Contents Price
Warrior Package
Warrior Package Contents
Wizard Package
Wizard Package Contents
Ninja Package
Ninja Package Contents
Advanced Shopfare Package
Advanced Shopfare Package Contents
Pack Of All Trades Package
Pack Of All Trades Package Contents
Heroic 1 Package
Heroic 1 Package Contents

Additional Info:

  • The statues give +10 Energy each (Warrior, Wizard and Ninja Package)
  • The Magic Anvil increases crafting speed by 5% (Advanced Shopfare Package)
  • The Rack Of All Trades acts like combined racks (Pack Of All Trades Package)

Special Packages

  • Note: All Special Packages are/were only available for a short period of time and are a one-time purchase only!
Name Contents Price
Halloween Package
(Available During Oct./Nov. 2015)
Halloween Package Contents
Thanksgiving Package
(Available During Nov./Dec. 2015)
Thanksgiving Package Contents
Holiday Package
(Available During Dec./Jan. 2015/2016)
Holiday Package Contents
Winter Package
(Available During Jan. 2016)
Winter Package Contents
Valentine's Day Package
(Available During Feb. 2016)
Valentine's Day Package Contents
Easter Package
(Available During Mar. 2016)
Easter Package Contents
Cinco de Mayo Package
(Available During Apr./May 2016)
Cinco de Mayo Package Contents
Epic Package
(Available During June. 2016)
Epic Package Contents
Patriot Package
(Available During July 2016)
Patriot Package Contents
Summer Sports Package
(Available During Aug. 2016)
Summer Sports Package Contents
Back To School Package
(Available During Oct. 2016)
Back to SChool Package Contents
Hollow Package
(Available During Oct./Nov. 2016)
Hollow Package Contents
Spooky Shop Package
(Available During Oct./Nov. 2016)
Spooky Shop Package Contents

Advanced Starter Packs

Advanced Starter Pack II Lv 15
Craft Slot 6
Employee Slot 5
Quest Slot 6
Trade Slot 4
Iron Chest x2/Key
Gold Chest x1/Key
Mythical Luna Rod
500K Gold
$17.99 (~50% Discount)

Advanced Starter Pack III Lv 19
Craft Slot 7
Employee Slot 6
Quest Slot 7
Trade Slot 5
Gold Chest x2/Key
Magic Chest x1/Key
Mythical Poison Tip
5M Gold
$26.99 (~55% Discount)

Advanced Starter Pack IV Lv 25
Craft Slot 8
Employee Slot 7
Quest Slot 8
Magic Chest x2/Key
Dwarvish Chest x1/Key
Mythical Prayer Ring
12.5M Gold
$34.99 (~60% Discount)

Advanced Starter Pack V Lv 29
Craft Slot 9
Employee Slot 8
Quest Slot 9
Dwarvish Chest x2/Key
Primal Chest x1/Key
Mythical Mystic Potion
12.5M Gold
$59.99 (~70% Discount)