Fusion Example


The Fusion Cauldron can be purchased from the Furniture menu. Placed in the Shop, it consumes 2 to 5 items to produce an item of higher quality with a certain chance.

Using more items increases the chance of success.

Using different items changes the time taken and makes it random what you'll get.

Gems Misc GemIcon can be used to complete a fusion immediately.

A Fusion calculator can be found in Azbandar's Team Builder to help with predicting the outcome. Forum Post About Team Builder

The time it takes to fuse Identical Items is determined by the Level and Quality of the item. Some Decorations or Events may also decrease the time it takes to fuse, so long as the fusion was started after the Decoration was brought out of storage and placed in the Shop or after the Event began.

The Cauldron can have up to 4 individually upgradable Fusion Slots, each of which can be in 1 of 2 modes when they are fusing an item: Normal mode and Enchanting mode. Normal mode can take in anything from Common up to Legendary Quality. Enchanting mode is a new mode added in 2018 meant for Mythical Items only and works like Normal mode but only produces Mythical items of a higher tier (+1 up to +10). Each tier adds an additional 20% to the power the Item had at regular Mythical Quality.
Example: Mythic+1 is power*1.2, Mythic+2 is power*1.4, Mythic+10 is power*3

Mythic Tier Power Multiplier Bonus
Mythic+1 1.2
Mythic+2 1.4
Mythic+3 1.6
Mythic+4 1.8
Mythic+5 2.0
Mythic+6 2.2
Mythic+7 2.4
Mythic+8 2.6
Mythic+9 2.8
Mythic+10 3.0

Success rates

Success rate when same item used
Initial Quality Slots used
2 3 4 5
Misc QCommonIcon quality 100%
Misc QGoodIcon quality 100%
Misc QGreatIcon quality 75% 100%
Misc QFlawlessIcon quality 38% 56% 75% 100%
Misc QEpicIcon quality 30% 45% 60% 100%
Misc QLegendaryIcon quality 25% 38% 50% 63%
WARNING: Some of the numbers displayed in game are rounded, so without bonuses it is possible to fail a legendary to mythical fusion that says 100% becasue it was actually 99.5%.

These numbers can be changed through Micro-Transaction Purchases of either:

  • a) Packages with Decorations that boost Fusion Chance.
  • b) Charms (see below)

Note: All Bonuses stack cumulatively with each other.

Decoration Fusion Chance Bonuses
Decoration Package Fuse Bonus
Mini Golf Sports Pack +1%
Turkey Statue Maple Pack +1%
Starfrost Fountain Frostforged Fantasy +1%
Azure Emblem Dragon's Hoard +2%
Nimbus Rug Dragon's Hoard +2%
Haunted Tree Enter with Caution +2%
Larry The Chameleon Heart Of The Jungle +2%
Cerulean Wings Heart Of The Jungle +2%
Leprechan's Boots Luck of the Irish Bundle +2%
Spirit Fire Terribly Stylish Bundle +2%
Construction Larry Russell & Larry's Adventure +2%
Jar Of Wishes Russell & Larry's Adventure +2%
Command Center Void Wanderer +3%
Hookah Arabian Bundle +4%
Prosperity Pig Prosperity Bundle +5%
Total +33%

Decoration Fusion Time Bonuses
Decoration Package Time Bonus
King's Statue Superhero Pack 1%
Sally 2 Enter with Caution 2%
Seal Lounge Around 3%
Goal! Winter Buddies 3%
Fish Boy Winter Buddies 3%
Jolly Bee Flower Power 3%
C-C4DE Void Wanderer 3%
Ornate Window Arabian Bundle 4%
Bridal Veil Doves Bridal Pack 5%
Munak Kitty Horribly Cuddly Bundle 5%
Pharaoh Kitty Cryptic Bundle 5%
Quarantine Rat Self Quarantine 7%
Sunken Ship X Marks The Spot 10%
Total 54%

Time bonuses decrease how much time is needed to complete a fusion.


Near the end of 2018, Charms were introduced which can increase the chance of Fusion Success. There are three Kinds, each adding a different amount to the success chance, though you can only use at most one per fusion. They are optional to use.

To add one, click on the Charms button while viewing the Fusion Screen to bring up the Charms Selection Screen. Then click which Charm you want to use and confirm your selection. You'll then be brought back to the Fusion Screen which will then show the updated success chance.
Note: You can always undo your choice of charm before the Fuse Button is pressed.
Note: Basic Charm cannot be used in Mythic Ony Enchanting mode.

Picture Description
Basic Fusion Charm Icon
Basic Charm - Increases Success Chance by 25%
Powerful Fusion Charm Icon
Powerful Charm - Increases Success Chance by 50%
Ultimate Fusion Charm Icon
Ultimate Charm - Increases Success Chance by 75%


Upgrading your Fusion Cauldron enables you to fuse items of a higher level and also unlocks more Item Slots per fusion, allowing for a higher chance of success.

It will also allow you to pay Gems to increase the number of Fusion Slots for simultaneous fusions.
(You can think of this as buying a second/third/fourth cauldron, but it's still represented by a single piece of furniture and the Level upgrade benefits mentioned above apply to all of them.)

To unlock a Fusion Slot, just click on the Cauldron and then on the Plus Icon like you would for expanding the number of Crafting, Trading, or Questing Slots.

Level Cost Coin Cost Misc GemIcon Upg Time Max Item Level Item Slots Max. Simultaneous Fusions Size
Level Lvl1Icon 1K --- Instant 4 3 1 3x3
Level Lvl2Icon 5K 125 2m 6
Level Lvl3Icon 10K 150 5m 8
Level Lvl4Icon 50K 175 10m 10
Level Lvl5Icon 100K 200 30m 12
Level Lvl6Icon 250K 225 1h 15 4 2
(1,000 Misc GemIcon to unlock)
Level Lvl7Icon 500K 250 2h 18
Level Lvl8Icon 1.25M 275 4h 21
Level Lvl9Icon 2.5M 300 8h 24
Level Lvl10Icon 5M 350 16h 27
Level Lvl11Icon 10M 400 1d 31 5 3
(3,000 Misc GemIcon to unlock)
Level Lvl12Icon 35M 450 1d 12h37
Level Lvl13Icon 100M 500 2d43
Level Lvl14Icon 250M 750 3d49
Level Lvl15Icon 500M 1000 5d604
(5,000 Misc GemIcon to unlock)

Fusion Cauldron
3x3 4x4 5x5

Upgraded Slots

When the Cauldron reaches Level 11 it becomes possible to pay Gems to upgrade the Fusion Slots (just like upgrading Crafting, Questing, or Trading Slots). Doing so will permanently covert that Fusion Slot's 5th Item Slot to a special one that will duplicate one of the Items among the other 4 Item Slots for the duration of the fusion. However, if the fusion fails, it will still be one of the other 4 Items that will be destroyed.

The Item is chosen usually according to special rules mentioned below though is not always displayed correctly:

  • The Item with the highest level is duplicated.
  • If more than one Item has the highest level, then (among those) the Item with the highest quality is duplicated.
  • If more than one Item has the highest level/quality, then (among those) the Item placed first (ie the Item in left-most slot) is duplicated. (May be slightly different. Might depend on how the client transmits cauldron content to the server.)
Fusion Slot Upgrade Cost
Slot Misc GemIcon
1 1,000
2 2,000
3 6,000
4 10,000


  • Mythical items can not be placed into the Fusion Cauldron except in the Mythic Only Enchanting Mode.
  • Speculation is that the fuse time might be related to the craft time of the item listed as "best possible".
  • When a fusion fails, you lose only one of the items, picked randomly.
  • When using charms, it is best to use them for higher quality, higher level fusions (Using a Charm to substitute for a high quality item(s) in the fusion will drastically decrease how many fusions are required to reach Legendary or Mythical Quality.)
  • Ultimate Charms are hard to obtain so save those Ultimate Charms for when they're really needed and plan ahead for their use, preferably for making a Mythical Item that has a skill.
  • Warning: The Client Side of the Game doesn't always display correctly what Item is being duplicated in an Upgraded Fusion Slot. It used to show the most Expensive Item even though on Server-side gold value wasn't even used in determining what Item to duplicate. Now it is mostly correct when putting Items in but will still be glitchy if you take Items out of the Item slots.
  • The March 2019 Patch fixed most of the visual duplication bug problems and changed the max Item Level at Cauldron Level 15 from 55 to 60.


  • With the very best luck in the world, always going for the lowest percentage and always succeeding, it theoretically would take 64 commons to fuse a mythical.
  • By playing it as safe as possible, always going for the highest percentage, it would take about 1500 commons to fuse a mythical.

(This is assuming no Charms, no mixed Fusions, and no Slot Upgrade.)


Algorithm to determine fusion outcome - outdated

The following section is outdated and wildly different from actual results. Consider the example below where a common + great same item only has a 0.36% chance to produce a flawless.

By Jabe: Qualities are represented by numbers - (0 Normal, 1 Good, 2 Great, 3 Flawless, 4 Epic, 5 Legendary). max_quality is the highest quality put into the cauldron. possible_results is a list of possible results.

// Generate the list of possible results
For each item put into the cauldron:
  Add a copy of that item at its quality + 1 to possible_results
  Repeat for each quality up to max_quality + 1

// Generate a weight for each item
For each output_item in possible_results
  nearest_quality_level = the highest level of input items of quality output_item.quality, 1 if none exist
  item.weight = nearest_quality_level * (output_item.quality -> 6, 5, 4, 3, 1) / (output_item.level ^ (output_item.quality -> 2, 3, 4, 5, 6))

Randomly select an item based on their relative weights

Breaking that down for a normal recurved bow and a great recurved bow. Recurved bow is level 14.

possible_results = {good rec bow, great rec bow, flawless rec bow, flawless rec bow} (there are 2 flawless because you said it's a list, not a set)

good rec bow: nql = 1 (no good rec bow existed in the cauldron), weight = 1 * 6 / 14^2 = .0306

great rec bow: nql = 14 (1 rec bow in cauldron), weight = 14 * 5 / 14^3 = .0255

flawless rec bow: nql = 1 (no flawless in cauldron), weight = 1 * 4 / 14^4 = .0001

second flawless rec bow: same as above, weight = .0001

Normalized: 54.35% good, 45.29% great, 0.36% flawless.

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