Interface: Workstations and Workers


Workstations and Workers determine how fast you craft your items. The higher level the workstation, the faster you are able to craft. The more points assigned to workstations, the faster you actually will craft.

  1. The obvious place to start is the main shop interface. Click on a workstation. Clicking on Upgrade will bring you to the Workstation Upgrade Interface.
  2. Workstations are divided by AA/BB. AA is the Craft Speed Input. BB is the Craft Speed Maximum. In most cases this number will be the same. In this case Tinkering is at 50/75. Craft Speed Input is determined by Worker Skill points and City Boosts added together. The Craft Speed maximum is determined only by the Workstation and there is absolutely no way to increase the maximum other than upgrading the Workstation.
  3. Your city boost is a 30 minute duration to increased Craft Speed input. If you are able to constantly provide investments for city boosts, make sure your workstation is a high enough level to accommodate the extra skill boost.
  4. The Worker info page tells you what your input and maximums are for each discipline. The Artificer has the Metal Working, Armor Crafting, and Tinkering disciplines. She can never gain new disciplines, nor can she lose these disciplines.
  5. Mastery is the chance to perform an exceptional craft. An exceptional craft is when your expected item becomes a higher quality. The sum of all hired workers Mastery is your total Mastery. Any time you craft any item, your Mastery is checked. The higher the Mastery, the more exceptional crafts. If you are crafting an item that you have Mastered, that item is crafted with 125% of your Mastery for checking Exceptional Crafts.
  6. You may have a limited number of workers. You must fire a worker if you want to add an additional worker and you are at capacity. There is never any skill point loss or any penalty other than losing coins when firing a worker. The same is true for resetting skills.

Interface: Items

  1. This is the Broadsword item interface. It is Item Level 5.
  2. When you craft an item, it will give rewards until it is Mastered. Every item has 5 rewards. The rewards will generally be attribute benefits to that item such as reduced resource costs or increased sale value. Most items will unlock another item.
  3. All items have resource costs. Some items require other items to be crafted and spent on crafting the higher level item. In this case, a Broadsword needs a Shortsword to be consumed.
  4. All items have discipline requirements. The discipline requirements are minutes (CC). Broadswords take 22 Metal Working (CC 1)(its CCA on picture) minutes and 22 Weapon Crafting (CC 2)(its CCB on picture) minutes. The Discipline points of your Craft Speed Input is divided into each appropriate discipline. In the previous picture you check your AA/BB. You check your Metal Working (AA 1) and Weapon Crafting (AA 2). You take your AA at a value that can never be higher than BB.
  5. You can lock items and favorite items. Locking an item only hides it under the table, ie prevents you from suggesting the item to customers as well as them knowing you have it. It will NOT affect the chance that they will walk in wanting you to craft it. Favorite items appear on the far left when looking for items to craft or fuse.