City Raids

City Raids

City Raids are new city wide quests available through the Castle which offer city members the opportunity to earn hoards of loot. Potential rewards include chest keys, coins, gems, rare materials and blueprints. City Raids were released in the December 2015 release with Demonic Invasion being the first publicly playable raid.

  • Raids will be Friday 00:00 UTC to Sunday 23:59 UTC every week
  • Each raid will have up to 9 steps (Currently now 40 steps since 2019, plus Endless Raid mode afterward.)
  • Steps are unlocked by leveling your Castle and shopkeeper (Level 6 required; other steps locked by other levels)
  • Raids work EXACTLY like Dungeon quests right down to how the heroes get loot. (Though Castle is used instead of Inn to speed up Raid.)
  • To move on to the next step, the city will need to bring back a specified number of special event items
  • City Raid rewards are collected manually after the step is complete. Players will have until the next City Raid to claim the reward(s). Once the next City Raid begins, the rewards are lost.
  • Prizes include: fame, Crown Jewels, gems, special blueprints, blueprint fragments, resources, keys, and chests.

As of February 2016:

  • Raids now have 25 steps for completion, so 25 rewards.
  • Steps and difficulty are no longer linked.
  • 3 tiers of difficulty for each step (easy, medium, hardest), so that all members can participate.
  • Prizing has remained level locked (example: a person eligible for step 12, will only receive rewards up to step 12, even if they participate in step 20)
  • Fame will be awarded every 5 levels
  • Improvements to City Raid UI, to display locked rewards more clearly
  • New sounds for City Raids
  • Auto-party select feature will now update according to selected step difficulty
  • Speedrunner skill now works during City Raids
  • Everyone that participated in the event at least once will get all the rewards available for him up to what was unlocked by the city's Castle or capped by that Player's level (whichever is lower). If a Player's level goes up during the subsequent week while there are unclaimed rewards, they will then be able to claim more of the rewards.
  • The progression of the event is the sum of all the event items brought back by the city members during the Raid time limit. Anything brought back too late becomes gold.
  • Fame is kept by a city, which means if someone leaves (mayor or member) the Fame isnt changed. That person now has the Fame of his new city.
  • If a city is disbanded the Fame is lost along with the name
  • A Player joining a new city during a Raid can't participate in the current Raid session and will have to wait for the next Raid.

As of December 2016:

  • Max Castle Level is 50.
  • Raids now have 30 steps for completion, so 30 rewards.
  • Once all available steps are completed, the City Raid is complete (though the city can continue to play Endless Raid for Fame until the Raid ends).
  • Endless Raids require an additional 5,000 event items per step.
  • Endless Raids award 1 Fame per each additional step completed.

As of Summer 2017:

  • Some raid steps have had event item amounts required changed.
  • Endless Raids now require 10,000 event items per step instead of 5,000.

As of Summer 2019:

Massive Raid Changes were implemented
  • There are now 40 raid steps.
  • Raid was extended to 200,000 event items needing to be gathered to reach last reward but then the next patch dialed it down to 160,000 a couple weeks later.
  • Weekly Raid Blueprint is now available at player level 30 instead of 35 though you still need 15,000 items gathered.
  • Chests and keys of all types up to Primal have been added. You also still get a primal chest if you already have the blueprint so you can now get up to 2 primal chests per week.
  • Blueprint fragments have been added.
  • Resources available in City Raid have been changed so now ones that were also available in quests are no longer available in Raid.
  • More Hellfire Ruby and Aragonite have been added along with the PVP Resources: Prophet Gems and Prejudge Crystals.
  • Endless Raids now require 20,000 event items per step instead of 10,000.
  • With Primal Horn no longer available in Raid, Dragonfire Potion is no longer easy for new players to make unless they can find another way to get ahold of the resource.
  • Edit: Cloudcade patched trade house so if you have blueprints that use resources you don't have access to, you can get to it through the Blueprint craft scene. Once purchased the resource will be visible in trade house permanently.
Access Trade House Through BP Craft Screen

List Of Raids & Their Rewards

Raid Blueprint Reward Secondary Award
Vermin Infestation Aphotic Shiv Primal Chest
Smashing Bones Crusher Primal Chest
Demonic Invasion Umbral Axe Primal Chest
Howling Mountain Lycan Slayer Primal Chest
Deadly Swarm Wind Piercer Primal Chest
Wild Overgrowth Archangel Gloves Primal Chest
Rampaging Orcs Oracle's Armor Primal Chest
Night Of The Curse Gaia's Flute Primal Chest
Voice in the Dark Stake Shooter Primal Chest
Burning Countryside Dragonfire Potion Primal Chest
Black Flags Rising Hell Bomb Primal Chest
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