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The Town interface and Building TownHallIconTown Hall building are unlocked by paying Gold 700 at the beginning of the game, around player level Level Lvl2Icon.

These buildings, inside the Town, are immediately available at the beginning of the game:
(after investing Gold 700 to repair the Building TownHallIconTown Hall)

Building InnIconInn Building ForgeIconForge Building MarketIconMarket
Building IronMineIconIron Mine Building SawmillIconSawmill Building TanneryIconTannery
Building GardenIconGarden

Investing Gold and/or Gem into a building(to upgrade it) can:

The Town has three kinds of buildings:

  1. Resource Buildings boost resource production, can convert gold into resources, and unlock other resource buildings.
  2. Hero Buildings unlock heroes and increase heroes' maximum level.
  3. Worker Buildings unlock Workers and increase workers' maximum level.


Buildings Unlocked by Capped by Purpose
Building CathedralIconCathedral Level Lvl25IconBuilding TempleIconTemple Level Lvl35IconBuilding TempleIconTemple

T5-Hero:Fiora IconFiora
T5-Hero:Edward IconEdward

Building EngineeringSchoolIconEngineering School Level Lvl5IconBuilding TradersSquareIconTrader's Square

Level Lvl30IconBuilding MarketIconMarket for 21
Level Lvl25IconBuilding TradersSquareIconTrader's Square

T2-Worker:Artificer IconArtificer
T3-Worker:Alchemist IconAlchemist

Building FightersGuildIconFighter's Guild Level Lvl19IconBuilding TrainingHallIconTraining Hall Level Lvl35IconBuilding TrainingHallIconTraining Hall

T4-Hero:Lancaster IconLancaster
T5-Hero:Francesca IconFrancesca

Building FineJewels&CoIconFine Jewels & Co. Level Lvl15IconBuilding MinersGuildIconMiner's Guild Level Lvl25IconBuilding MinersGuildIconMiner's Guild

T3-Resource:Resource JewelIconJewels

Building FineWoodsIncIconFine Woods Inc. Level Lvl10IconBuilding SawmillIconSawmill Level Lvl25IconBuilding SawmillIconSawmill

T2-Resource:Resource HardwoodIconHardwood

Building ForgeIconForge Level Lvl1IconBuilding TownHallIconTown Hall Level Lvl29IconBuilding TownHallIconTown Hall

T1-Worker:Blacksmith IconBlacksmith
T1-Worker:Armorer IconArmorer
T3-Worker:Master IconMaster

Building FoundryIconFoundry Level Lvl10IconBuilding IronMineIconIron Mine Level Lvl25IconBuilding IronMineIconIron Mine

T2-Resource:Resource SteelIconSteel

Building FountainIconFountain Level Lvl9IconBuilding TownHallIconTown Hall Level Lvl25IconBuilding TownHallIconTown Hall

T2-Hero:Albert IconAlbert
T3-Hero:Irene IconIrene

Building GardenIconGarden Level Lvl1IconBuilding TownHallIconTown Hall Level Lvl36IconBuilding TownHallIconTown Hall

T1-Resource:Resource HerbIconHerbs

Building HuntersLodgeIconHunter's Lodge Level Lvl8IconBuilding TownHallIconTown Hall Level Lvl23IconBuilding TownHallIconTown Hall

T1-Hero:Karal IconKaral
T2-Hero:Palash IconPalash
T5-Hero:Kurul IconKurul

Building InnIconInn Level Lvl1IconBuilding TownHallIconTown Hall Level Lvl2IconBuilding TownHallIconTown Hall

Level Lvl17IconBuilding TownHallIconTown Hall

Unlocks new Quests

Building IronMineIconIron Mine Level Lvl1IconBuilding TownHallIconTown Hall Level Lvl33IconBuilding TownHallIconTown Hall

T1-Resource:Resource IronIconIron

Building ManaBeaconIconMana Beacon Level Lvl20IconBuilding SchoolofMagicIconSchool of Magic
Level Lvl15IconBuilding SorcerersTowerIconSorcerer's Tower
Level Lvl25IconBuilding SorcerersTowerIconSorcerer's Tower

T3-Resource:Resource ManaIconMana

Building MarketIconMarket Level Lvl1IconBuilding TownHallIconTown Hall Level Lvl31IconBuilding TownHallIconTown Hall

T1-Worker:Carpenter IconCarpenter
T1-Worker:Tailor IconTailor
T3-Worker:Seamstress IconSeamstress

Building MinersGuildIconMiner's Guild Level Lvl15IconBuilding ForgeIconForge Level Lvl25IconBuilding ForgeIconForge

T2-Worker:Jeweler IconJeweler
T2-Worker:Luthier IconLuthier
T3-Worker:Sculptor IconSculptor

Building ParkIconPark Level Lvl7IconBuilding TownHallIconTown Hall Level Lvl27IconBuilding TownHallIconTown Hall

T1-Worker:Leatherworker IconLeatherworker
T1-Worker:Druid IconDruid

Building PortIconPort Level Lvl25IconBuilding EngineeringSchoolIconEngineering School Level Lvl35IconBuilding EngineeringSchoolIconEngineering School

T5-Hero:Louca IconLouca
T5-Hero:Kuro Shobi IconKuro Shobi

Building RefineryIconRefinery Level Lvl10IconBuilding GardenIconGarden Level Lvl25IconBuilding GardenIconGarden

T2-Resource:Resource OilIconOil

Building SawmillIconSawmill Level Lvl1IconBuilding TownHallIconTown Hall Level Lvl34IconBuilding TownHallIconTown Hall

T1-Resource:Resource WoodIconWood

Building SchoolofMagicIconSchool of Magic Level Lvl5IconBuilding TownHallIconTown Hall Level Lvl21IconBuilding TownHallIconTown Hall

T1-Hero:Melina IconMelina
T3-Hero:Nya IconNya

Building SorcerersTowerIconSorcerer's Tower Level Lvl10IconBuilding SchoolofMagicIconSchool of Magic Level Lvl20IconBuilding SchoolofMagicIconSchool of Magic

T2-Worker:Sorceress IconSorceress
T2-Worker:Enchanter IconEnchanter
T3-Worker:Wizard IconWizard

Building TanneryIconTannery Level Lvl1IconBuilding TownHallIconTown Hall Level Lvl35IconBuilding TownHallIconTown Hall

T1-Resource:Resource LeatherIconLeather

Building TempleIconTemple Level Lvl3IconBuilding TownHallIconTown Hall Level Lvl15IconBuilding TownHallIconTown Hall

T2-Hero:Clovis IconClovis
T1-Hero:Minh IconMinh

Building TextileFactoryIconTextile Factory Level Lvl10IconBuilding TanneryIconTannery Level Lvl25IconBuilding TanneryIconTannery

T2-Resource:Resource FabricIconFabric

Building TheaterIconTheater Level Lvl15IconBuilding FountainIconFountain Level Lvl35IconBuilding FountainIconFountain

T4-Hero:Oneira IconOneira
T4-Hero:Darthos IconDarthos

Building ThiefsHideoutIconThief's Hideout Level Lvl3IconBuilding InnIconInn Level Lvl25IconBuilding InnIconInn

T1-Hero:Garreth IconGarreth
T3-Hero:Mila IconMila
T4-Hero:Odette IconOdette

Building TownHallIconTown Hall Gold 700 Level Lvl55IconBuilding TownHallIconTown Hall

Increase Building CityPopIconCity Population cap.
Unlocks and uncaps many buildings.

Building TradersSquareIconTrader's Square Level Lvl15IconBuilding MarketIconMarket Level Lvl30IconBuilding MarketIconMarket for 21

T2-Worker:Fletcher IconFletcher
T3-Worker:Artisan IconArtisan

Building TrainingHallIconTraining Hall Level Lvl6IconBuilding TownHallIconTown Hall Level Lvl19IconBuilding TownHallIconTown Hall

T1-Hero:Theor IconTheor
T3-Hero:Gauvin IconGauvin

Building WarCollegeIconWar College Level Lvl25IconBuilding FightersGuildIconFighter's Guild Level Lvl35IconBuilding FightersGuildIconFighter's Guild

T5-Hero:Alicia IconAlicia
T5-Hero:Mojian IconMojian


Investing into a building immediately grants a one time Primary Boost, to only the investing player.
The investment also provides a Secondary Boost lasting 30 minutes to all players in The Town.
The duration of secondary boosts can be extended by investing again.
Secondary Boosts have a display icon on the right side of the screen while viewing The Town.
For example, if you invest once to the Building SawmillIconSawmill, you will immediately receive wood Resource WoodIcon as your primary boost, and all members of your town will produce more wood per hour.
If you were to use the slider to provide 3x a single investment, you would receive 3x that amount of wood, and increase the wood production for a duration 3x longer.
So it's more efficient to invest small amounts in succession instead of one bigger amount at once.

Member Contributions

The level of each Building in the Town is the sum of investments among all players in the Town. If 3 players each have 10,000 gold invested in the Town Hall, all players would then have a Town Hall with a total of 30k investment. If one of the 3 players leaves the city, the Town Hall would then be downgraded to 20k. The player that leaves get their 10k investment back, and carry it to any new city they join.

As explained by Jabe
IR Grade
30+ SSSS
15+ SSS
10+ SS
5+ S
1+ A
0.75+ B
0.25+ C
0.1+ D
Worst E

$ \begin{align} Investment\ Rating &= f(Number\ of\ Citizens, Your\ Investments, Total\ Town\ Investments)\\ &= \frac { Number\ of\ Citizens \times Your\ Investments } {Total\ Town\ Investments}\\ Grade &= f(Investment\ Rating)\in\{SSSS,SSS,SS,S,A,B,C,D,E\}\\ &= \begin{cases} \mbox{if }Investment\ Rating\geqq30 &\mbox{then }SSSS\\ \mbox{else if }Investment\ Rating\geqq15 &\mbox{then }SSS\\ \mbox{else if }Investment\ Rating\geqq10 &\mbox{then }SS\\ \mbox{else if }Investment\ Rating\geqq5 &\mbox{then }S\\ \mbox{else if }Investment\ Rating\geqq1 &\mbox{then }A\\ \mbox{else if }Investment\ Rating\geqq0.75 &\mbox{then }B\\ \mbox{else if }Investment\ Rating\geqq0.25 &\mbox{then }C\\ \mbox{else if }Investment\ Rating\geqq0.1 &\mbox{then }D\\ \mbox{else } &E \end{cases}\\ \end{align} $

Worker Buildings

The level of Worker Buildings restrict the maximum level of Workers.
The Primary Boost provides an immediate flat amount of experience to each Worker corresponding to that Building.
This boost does not roll over experience into the next level of a Worker if that Worker has reached maximum level.
The Secondary Boost provides a Skill increase in addition to the amount provided by hired Workers.
The Skill amount from this Secondary Boost cannot provide Skill beyond the Discipline restriction set by a player's Workstations.
This amount provides no bonus if a player does not either the corresponding Workstation or at least 1 Worker with the appropriate Skill.

Hero Buildings

The level of Hero Buildings restrict the maximum level of Heroes.
The Primary Boost provides an immediate flat amount of experience to each Hero corresponding to that Building.
This boost does not roll over experience into the next level of an Hero if that Hero has reached maximum level.
The Secondary Boost provides a flat +25% to the Power of each Hero corresponding to that Building.
This is an additive increase of +25% to (Hero Base Power + Item Power).
Having the Set Bonus and the Hero Building's Secondary Boost provides a total of +50% to (Hero Base Power + Item Power).
For example, if Theor has 1,000 Power from his base stats and items, either the Set Bonus or the Training Hall Secondary Boost will bring his total Power to 1,250.
Having both active will bring his total Power to 1,500.

City upgrades

City upgrades can be bought by the mayor with Crown Jewels.

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