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Shop Heroes Wikia

The main tree of blueprints which begins with the knife and branch out into all twenty-five different categories as you unlock new blueprints by crafting will exclusively give you common items.

Blueprints can also be award from chests which result in uncommon and rare items. These are attractive for having a higher equipment strength for your Heroes as well as a higher base price. A the final level of progression they may also provide a skill when equipped, provided the result is of sufficient quality. The skill and required quality are specified in the rightmost pane of the item's Progress tab, and only apply if the player possesses that blueprint. Some of these skills are highly sought for equipping on heroes, even if the item is well below a hero's level and would cost them a set bonus. These blueprints can also be acquired by trading in Blueprint Fragments which are most commonly obtained by completing Daily Quests.

Chests are obtained by questing at an approximate (unverified 1%) chance after any successful quest. The rank of Chest is tied to the difficulty of the quest. Chests have an approximate (unverified 10-25%) chance to contain a blueprint. You cannot receive a duplicate blueprint by opening a chest, until you have unlocked all recipes, and receiving a duplicate advances that blueprints progression by 4-8 crafts. Chest will contain blueprints based on item level as such: Wooden (8-9), Leather (10-15), Iron (16-24), Gold (25-34), Magic (35-40). Chests can be opened directly with keys, or by paying a flat gem amount. Keys are obtainable by questing or from roulette spins at an approximate (unverified 0.1%) chance.

SORTABLE TABLE, (Up to date as of Dec 21, 2016)

Name Type Level Chest Final Skill Req. Quality
Moon Boots Boot 9 Wooden Energetic I Flawless
Falcon Eye Bow 8 Wooden Energetic I Flawless
Venomous Hands Glove 9 Wooden Backstab Flawless
White Dagger Dagger 9 Wooden Lucky I Flawless
Elven Boots Footwear 8 Wooden Wise I Flawless
Robin's Hood Hat 8 Wooden Treasure Hunter I Flawless
Morning Star Mace 8 Wooden Crush Flawless
Elixir Drops Potion 9 Wooden Lucky I Flawless
Colored Powder Remedy 8 Wooden Energetic I Flawless
Protector Shield 8 Wooden Protector I Flawless
Bishop Staff Staff 9 Wooden Arch Wizard I Flawless
Moonplate Armor 10 Leather Treasure Hunter I Flawless
Tiamat Axe 10 Leather Energetic I Flawless
Lion Boots Boot 12 Leather Leader I Legendary
Grandmaster Gloves Glove 15 Leather Wise I Epic
Ice Cloak Clothes 13 Leather Cone-of-cold Epic
Crimson Heart Dagger 15 Leather Fastidious I Epic
Moon Walkers Footwear 15 Leather Energetic I Flawless
Moonlight Gauntlets Gauntlet 10 Leather Speed Runner I Flawless
Rifle Gun 13 Leather Fastidious I Flawless
Moonlight Cap Helmet 10 Leather Lucky I Flawless
Iron Flute Music 12 Leather Resilient I Flawless
Tree Trunk Mace 15 Leather Commander I Flawless
Wind Charm Pendant 11 Leather Arch Wizard I Flawless
Toxic Bomb Projectile 12 Leather Gangster I Flawless
Gold Digger Ring 12 Leather Gold Digger I Flawless
Seeking Tip Spear 12 Leather Treasure Hunter I Flawless
Pain Totem Spell 13 Leather Brothers-in-arms I Flawless
Fire Blade Sword 10 Leather Fireball Flawless
Raccoon Ranger Vest 12 Leather Scavenger I Legendary
Noble Plate Armor 18 Iron Support I Flawless
Berserker's Axe Axe 23 Iron Cleave Flawless
Self-Loader Bow 18 Iron Lucky I Flawless
Eagle Eye Bow 21 Iron Fastidious I Epic
Shadowed Gloves Glove 18 Iron Gangster I Flawless
Mage Robe Clothes 19 Iron Arch Wizard I Flawless
Phantom Katar Dagger 18 Iron Backstab Flawless
Winged Sandals Footwear 22 Iron Support I Epic
Frozen Grip Gauntlet 20 Iron Parry Flawless
Black Stock Gun 18 Iron Resilient I Flawless
Conqueror Gun 22 Iron Commander I Epic
Paladin's Helmet Helmet 19 Iron Protector I Flawless
Frozen Helm Helmet 23 Iron Protector I Epic
Frozen Harp Music 16 Iron Cone-of-cold Flawless
Hammer Fist Mace 22 Iron Brothers-in-arms I Epic
Turning Token Pendant 24 Iron Lucky I Flawless
Demon's Blood Potion 24 Iron Speed Runner I Flawless
Magic Shuriken Projectile 24 Iron Parry Epic
Swift Seed Remedy 23 Iron Gangster I Flawless
Fire Proof Shield 18 Iron Fireball Flawless
Aegis Shield 21 Iron Amazon I Epic
Poison Tip Spear 19 Iron Gangster I Flawless
Magical Codex Spell 23 Iron Wise I Flawless
Luna Rod Staff 17 Iron Healer I Flawless
Vorpal Sword Sword 20 Iron Parry Great
Plated Tunic Vest 17 Iron Leader I Legendary
Chaos Armor Armor 25 Gold Resilient I Epic
Sharp Tusk Axe 25 Gold Resilient I Epic
Widow Maker Axe 32 Gold Amazon I Epic
Flame Greaves Boot 27 Gold Fireball Epic
Magic Riders Boot 30 Gold Arch Wizard I Epic
Storm Apparel Clothes 29 Gold Wise I Legendary
Sorcerer Robe Clothes 32 Gold Arch Wizard I Epic
Path Finders Footwear 29 Gold Resilient I Epic
King's Gauntlets Gauntlet 25 Gold Commander I Epic
Shockers Gauntlet 32 Gold Resourceful I Epic
Golden Crown Hat 25 Gold Gold Digger I Great
Wise Cap Hat 27 Gold Wise I Epic
Runic Tiara Hat 34 Gold Arch Wizard I Epic
Phoenix Helmet Helmet 34 Gold Speed Runner I Legendary
Ygg Flute Music 26 Gold Healer I Epic
Wyrm Horn Music 31 Gold Treasure Hunter I Epic
Apocalyptus Mace 32 Gold Energetic I Epic
Shielding Ward Pendant 27 Gold Protector I Epic
Elixir Potion 26 Gold Healer I Epic
Dragon's Blood Potion 34 Gold Gold Digger I Epic
Singing Chakram Projectile 26 Gold Healer I Flawless
Rejuvenating Tea Remedy 26 Gold Healer I Epic
Strength Seed Remedy 34 Gold Commander I Epic
Crusader Ring Ring 25 Gold Brothers-in-arms I Epic
Prayer Ring Ring 27 Gold Revive I Flawless
Divine Mark Ring 34 Gold Amazon I Epic
Crystal Shield Shield 30 Gold Supplier I Epic
Silver Fork Spear 26 Gold Resourceful I Epic
Moon Voulge Spear 30 Gold Healer I Epic
Evil Seal Spell 26 Gold Energetic I Epic
Arcane Compendium Spell 33 Gold Arch Wizard I Epic
Sacred Scepter Staff 28 Gold Revive I Epic
Coldsteel Sword 25 Gold Cone-of-cold Epic
Abyssal Brand Sword 32 Gold Cleave Epic
Oiled Leather Vest 28 Gold Energetic I Epic
Wyrm Hide Vest 33 Gold Wise I Epic
Eldritch Mail Armor 35 Magic Lucky I Epic
Gaia's Fortress Armor 38 Magic Commander I Legendary
Draconic Plate Armor 39 Magic Protector I Legendary
Infernal Rage Axe 38 Magic Brothers-in-arms I Legendary
Ragnarok's Edge Axe 40 Magic Fireball Legendary
Skull Stompers Boot 38 Magic Crush Legendary
Draconic Greaves Boot 39 Magic Protector I Legendary
Evelyn Bow 35 Magic Treasure Hunter I Epic
Dragon Eye Bow 37 Magic Supplier I Legendary
Adamantium Crossbow Bow 39 Magic Support I Legendary
Freezing Bracers Glove 36 Magic Wizard I Epic
Nightstalker Gloves Glove 38 Magic Lucky I Legendary
Death Grip Glove 39 Magic Amazon I Legendary
Plasmic Robe Clothes 38 Magic Healer I Legendary
Archwizard Robe Clothes 39 Magic Wizard I Legendary
Betrayer Dagger 36 Magic Gangster I Epic
Seven Stars Dagger 38 Magic Scavenger I Legendary
Dragon Fang Dagger 39 Magic Backstab Great
Planeswalkers Footwear 38 Magic Healer I Legendary
Draconic Boots Footwear 40 Magic Protector I Legendary
Dragonscale Gauntlets Gauntlet 38 Magic Crush Legendary
Adamantium Fists Gauntlet 40 Magic Protector I Legendary
Judgement Gun 36 Magic Brothers-in-arms I Epic
Bomb Launcher Gun 37 Magic Gangster I Legendary
Nordic Warfare Gun 39 Magic Commander I Legendary
Thunder Crown Hat 36 Magic Thunderbolt Legendary
Demonic Visage Hat 39 Magic Fireball Legendary
Dragonscale Helmet Helmet 38 Magic Brothers-in-arms I Legendary
Adamantium Helm Helmet 40 Magic Energetic I Legendary
Draconic Heartbeat Music 38 Magic Protector I Legendary
Angelic Strings Music 40 Magic Revive I Legendary
Evening Star Mace 38 Magic Lucky I Legendary
Hundred Ton Mace 40 Magic Crush Legendary
Lich's Heart Pendant 35 Magic Revive I Epic
Draconic Amulet Pendant 36 Magic Gold Digger I Legendary
Goddess' Tear Pendant 38 Magic Healer I Legendary
Megalixir Potion 36 Magic Energetic I Legendary
Gods' Essence Potion 39 Magic Revive I Legendary
Exploding Darts Projectile 35 Magic Fireball Legendary
Heart Piercer Projectile 36 Magic Gangster I Epic
Thunder Clap Projectile 38 Magic Thunderbolt Legendary
Panacea Remedy 37 Magic Healer I Legendary
Magic Seed Remedy 40 Magic Arch Wizard I Legendary
Royal Ring Ring 36 Magic Leader I Legendary
Oracle Ring 39 Magic Revive I Legendary
Dragon Skull Shield 37 Magic Commander I Legendary
Giantshield Shield 39 Magic Crush Legendary
Night Spike Spear 38 Magic Speed Runner I Legendary
Divine Ray Spear 39 Magic Revive I Legendary
Return Scroll Spell 37 Magic Scavenger I Legendary
Divine Tome Spell 40 Magic Revive I Legendary
Star Wand Staff 35 Magic Arch Wizard I Epic
Emperor Wand Staff 38 Magic Arch Wizard I Legendary
Sun King Staff 41 Magic Fireball Legendary
Stormbringer Sword 38 Magic Thunderbolt Legendary
Dragonslayer Sword 41 Magic Commander I Legendary
Shadow Lurker Vest 38 Magic Gangster I Legendary
Dragon Skin Vest 41 Magic Amazon I Legendary
Earthen Mail Armor 46 Dwarf Stoneskin Legendary
Obsidian Greaves Boot 47 Dwarf Commander II Legendary
Elven Bow Bow 43 Dwarf Detect Secrets Mythical
Frostfire Gloves Glove 45 Dwarf Cone-of-cold Legendary
Mage Doublet Clothes 47 Dwarf Arch Wizard II Epic
Obsidian Dagger Dagger 46 Dwarf Riposte Mythical
Frostfire Shoes Footwear 45 Dwarf Arch Wizard II Mythical
Berserker Gauntlets Gauntlet 46 Dwarf Berserker Epic
Pirate Pistol Gun 47 Dwarf Supplier II Mythical
Cultist's Hood Hat 47 Dwarf Shadowstep Mythical
Frostfire Barbuta Helmet 45 Dwarf Cone-of-cold Legendary
Frostfire Harp Music 45 Dwarf Cone-of-cold Epic
Frostfire Talisman Pendant 47 Dwarf Cone-of-cold Legendary
Obsidian Potion Potion 47 Dwarf Aura of Protection Legendary
Frostfire Kunai Projectile 45 Dwarf Treasure Hunter II Legendary
Devil Dust Remedy 47 Dwarf Fireball Legendary
Azure Ring Ring 45 Dwarf Riposte Legendary
Medusa Buckler Shield 47 Dwarf Stoneskin Legendary
Obsidian Voulge Spear 47 Dwarf Fireball Epic
Haunted Scroll Spell 47 Dwarf Shadowstep Mythical
Keeper Of Souls Staff 45 Dwarf Revive II Epic
Frostfire Blade Sword 46 Dwarf Riposte Legendary
Ocean Leather Vest 47 Dwarf Wise III Epic
Frenzied Axe Axe 48 Primal Berserker Mythical
Titan's Feet Boot 50 Primal Crush Mythical
Holy Tunic Clothes 50 Primal Aura of Protection Mythical
Firewalkers Footwear 49 Primal Mage Armor Legendary
Volcanic Smashers Gauntlet 49 Primal Speed Runner II Mythical
Demonic Blast Gun 50 Primal Amazon II Legendary
Royal Tiara Hat 50 Primal Gold Digger III Legendary
Jade Helm Helmet 50 Primal Stoneskin Mythical
Tenderizer Mace 50 Primal Energetic II Epic
Gaia's Heart Pendant 50 Primal Fireball Mythical
Gaia's Essence Potion 50 Primal Healer II Mythical
Draconic Tea Remedy 50 Primal Healer II Mythical
Antimagic Band Ring 50 Primal Mage Armor Epic
Oracle Shield Shield 50 Primal Detect Secrets Mythical
Primordial Trident Spear 50 Primal Brothers-in-arms II Mythical
Guardian Seal Spell 50 Primal Stoneskin Legendary
Shattered Wand Staff 50 Primal Arch Wizard II Mythical
Durandal Sword 50 Primal Commander II Mythical
Black Crow Vest 50 Primal Shadowstep Mythical
Skofnung Sword 55 Primal Support I Mythical
Mistilteinn Dagger 55 Primal Speed Runner II Mythical
Forseti's Axe Axe 53 Primal Brothers-in-arms II Mythical
Gungnir Spear 52 Primal Treasure Hunter II Mythical
Shattering Core Mace 54 Primal Amazon II Mythical
Necro Staff Staff 53 Primal Revive III Mythical
Artemis' Bow Bow 54 Primal Resourceful II Mythical
Dragon Fire Gun 53 Primal Scavenger II Mythical
Blackmail Armor 53 Primal Protector III Mythical
Royal Cuirass Vest 55 Primal Resourceful III Mythical
Jagged Crown Helmet 55 Primal Energetic II Mythical
Runic Gauntlets Gauntlet 55 Primal Crush Epic
Wildling Boots Boot 52 Primal Detect Secrets Mythical
Sunrise Robe Clothes 52 Primal Arch Wizard III Mythical
Halfmoon Shield Shield 53 Primal Gold Digger II Mythical
Nether Crown Hat 53 Primal Lucky III Mythical
Nether Gloves Glove 52 Primal Lucky II Mythical
Ice Walkers Footwear 55 Primal Scavenger I Legendary
Seed Of Power Remedy 54 Primal Commander III Mythical
Unholy Potion Potion 55 Primal Supplier III Mythical
Blood Scroll Spell 53 Primal Healer I Mythical
Flying Guillotine Projectile 53 Primal Gangster III Mythical
Midas Ring Ring 53 Primal Gold Digger III Mythical
Primal Charm Pendant 53 Primal Treasure Hunter I Mythical
Summoning Flute Music 55 Primal Protector III Mythical

Special Blueprints: (Up to date as of July 16, 2016)

Name Type Level Obtained From Final Skill Req. Quality
Druidic Axe Axe 6 Advanced Shopfare
G.F.G. Gun 48 Advanced Shopfare Fastidious II Flawless
Giant's Hammer Mace 25 Advanced Shopfare
Azure Beads Pendant 18 Advanced Shopfare
Obsidian Spear Spear 32 Advanced Shopfare
Balmung Sword 40 Advanced Shopfare Support II Legendary
Oracle's Armor Armor 49 City Raid / Other Mage Armor Epic
Umbral Axe Axe 50 City Raid / Other Shadowstep Legendary
Wind Piercer Bow 48 City Raid / Other Gangster II Legendary
Archangel Gloves Glove 49 City Raid / Other Revive II Mythical
Aphotic Shiv Dagger 49 City Raid / Other Shadowstep Legendary
Gaia's Flute Music 49 City Raid / Other Amazon II Mythical
Crusher Mace 48 City Raid / Other Crush Mythical
Hell Bomb Projectile 49 City Raid / Other Berserker Mythical
Lycan Slayer Bow 50 City Raid / Other Detect Secrets Mythical
Hopping Shoes Footwear 44 Easter Package Lucky II Mythical
Energizing Potion Potion 9 Easter Package
Dynamic Ring Ring 32 Easter Package
Reaper Axe 22 Halloween Package
Nightmare Cape Clothes 33 Halloween Package Shadowstep Legendary
Pumpkinhead Hat 8 Halloween Package
Candy Cane Pistol Gun 27 Holiday Package
Angelic Bell Music 46 Holiday Package Resourceful II Legendary
Mistletoe Remedy 10 Holiday Package
Valkyrie's Touch Bow 30 Ninja Package
Kris Dagger 3 Ninja Package
Loki's Mask Hat 48 Ninja Package Arch Wizard II Epic
Bladed Feather Projectile 22 Ninja Package
Nimble Ring Ring 14 Ninja Package
Valkyrie's Embrace Vest 40 Ninja Package Wise II Legendary
Adventurer's Boots Boot 24 Pack of all trades
Adventurer's Helm Helmet 32 Pack of all trades
Magic Beans Remedy 46 Pack of all trades Brothers-in-arms II Mythical
Adventurer's Shield Shield 40 Pack of all trades Scavenger II Mythical
Midnight Sword Sword 6 Pack of all trades
Jacket Vest 17 Pack of all trades
Gaia's Mantle Clothes 27 Thanksgiving Package
Jorou's Crown Hat 38 Thanksgiving Package Protector II Legendary
Gaia's Javelin Spear 9 Thanksgiving Package
Lovestruck Bow 38 Valentine's Day Package
Heart Seeker Projectile 28 Valentine's Day Package
Charming Scroll Spell 14 Valentine's Day Package
Affection Staff 45 Valentine's Day Package Energetic II Mythical
Valkyrie Armor Armor 30 Warrior Package
Valkyrie Boots Boot 14 Warrior Package
Valkyrie's Grip Gauntlet 47 Warrior Package Resourceful II Epic
Valkyrie Helm Helmet 41 Warrior Package Resilient II Legendary
Shieldbreaker Mace 3 Warrior Package
Bulwark Shield 22 Warrior Package
Frostfire Gauntlets Gauntlet 45 Winter Package Aura of Protection Mythical
Skadi's Tiara Hat 18 Winter Package
Skadi's Charm Pendant 35 Winter Package
Wisdom Gloves Glove 14 Wizard Package
Druidic Shoes Footwear 3 Wizard Package
Wisdom Ocarina Music 47 Wizard Package Resourceful III Mythical
Wisdom Potion Potion 22 Wizard Package
Njord Spell 30 Wizard Package
Valkyrie's Wisdom Staff 40 Wizard Package Fastidious II Legendary
Sunflower Shield Shield 48 Farmer Package Treasure Hunter II Mythical
The Art Of War Spell 15 Emperor Package Detect Secrets Legendary
Gu Zheng Music 34 Emperor Package Revive II Legendary
Repeater Crossbow Bow 42 Emperor Package Berserker Mythical