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Bows are items used by customers as Weapons. You can craft those by using Wood Working, Weapon Crafting and Arts & Crafts. Bows are discovered by crafting the Spiked Club several times.


Basic Blueprints
Bows Short Bow Blueprint

Short Bow
Level 2
Unlocked by Spiked Club

Bows Long Bow Blueprint

Long Bow
Level 3
Unlocked by Short Bow

Bows Faery's String Blueprint

Faery's String
Level 5
Unlocked by Long Bow

Bows Double String Blueprint

Double String
Level 7
Unlocked by Faery's String

Bows Composite Bow Blueprint

Composite Bow
Level 9
Unlocked by Double String

Bows Crossbow Blueprint

Level 11
Unlocked by Composite Bow

Bows Recurved Bow Blueprint

Recurved Bow
Level 14
Unlocked by Crossbow

Bows Heavy Crossbow Blueprint

Heavy Crossbow
Level 17
Unlocked by Recurved Bow

Bows Forester Blueprint

Level 20
Unlocked by Heavy Crossbow

Bows Transfixer Blueprint

Level 23
Unlocked by Forester

Bows Silent Arbalest Blueprint

Silent Arbalest
Level 25
Unlocked by Transfixer

Bows Wind Striker Blueprint

Wind Striker
Level 27
Unlocked by Silent Arbalest

Bows Bow Of Light Blueprint

Bow Of Light
Level 29
Unlocked by Wind Striker

Bows Spider Blueprint

Level 31
Unlocked by Bow Of Light

Bows Chimera Wings Blueprint

Chimera Wings
Level 34
Unlocked by Spider

Bows Griffin Wings Blueprint

Griffin Wings
Level 38
Unlocked by Chimera Wings

Bows Twilight Shot Blueprint

Twilight Shot
Level 40
Unlocked by Griffin Wings

Bows Serpentshooter Blueprint

Level 44
Unlocked by Twilight Shot

Chest Blueprints
Bows Falcon Eye Blueprint

Falcon Eye
Level 8
Unlocked by Wooden Chest

Bows Self-loader Blueprint

Level 18
Unlocked by Iron Chest

Bows Eagle Eye Blueprint

Eagle Eye
Level 21
Unlocked by Iron Chest

Bows Evelyn Blueprint

Level 35
Unlocked by Magic Chest

Bows Dragon Eye Blueprint

Dragon Eye
Level 37
Unlocked by Magic Chest

Bows Adamantium Crossbow Blueprint

Adamantium Crossbow
Level 39
Unlocked by Magic Chest

Bows Elven Bow Blueprint

Elven Bow
Level 43
Unlocked by Dwarvish Chest

Bows Artemis' Bow Blueprint

Artemis' Bow
Level 54
Unlocked by Primal Chest

Package Blueprints
Bows Sunsetter Blueprint

Level 6
Unlocked by Heroic Package #3

Bows Valkyrie's Touch Blueprint

Valkyrie's Touch
Level 30
Unlocked by Ninja Package

Bows Harvester Bow Blueprint

Harvester Bow
Level 32
Unlocked by Farmer Package

Bows Lovestruck Blueprint

Level 38
Unlocked by Valentine's Day Package

Bows Starfall Blueprint

Level 55
Unlocked by Tools Astray Package

City Raid Blueprints
Bows Wind Piercer Blueprint

Wind Piercer
Level 48
Unlocked by
Deadly Swarm
15,000 Mystical Flowers

Bows Lycan Slayer Blueprint

Lycan Slayer
Level 50
Unlocked by
Howling Mountain
15,000 Silver Ore

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