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Class/Line Item-types

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Blueprint fragments can be acquired at a rate of one per day from the daily quests ,rarely from the Roulette Wheel and sending teams of heroes (2 or more) into the dungeons, or purchased from the store for gems.
Blueprint fragments can be traded for blueprints at the Inn screen.
The innkeeper will offer one chest blueprint from each of the three lines in the table on the right. [1]

When a blueprint is bought using fragments, the other two offers stay the same, while the next blueprint in the line of the bought one is offered (sorted by level), unless that blueprint was already acquired from a chest, in which case the one after that is offered. As a result, if a player doesn't open any chests and focuses fragments 100% on one line, it will still take probably over a thousand fragments to get to the magic chests recipes that way.

​​Fragments Table

Fragments needed per Item-level
item needs item needs item needs item needs item needs
8 Fragment 5 17 Fragment20 25 Fragment 39 33 Fragment64 41 Fragment92
9 Fragment 7 18 Fragment 22 26 Fragment42 34 Fragment67 43 Fragment100
10 Fragment 8 19 Fragment 25 27 Fragment45 35 Fragment70 45 Fragment108
11 Fragment 9 20 Fragment 27 28 Fragment48 36 Fragment 74 46 Fragment112
12 Fragment 11 21 Fragment29 29 Fragment51 37 Fragment77 47 Fragment116
13 Fragment 13 22 Fragment32 30 Fragment54 38 Fragment 81 48 Fragment121
15 Fragment16 23 Fragment 34 31 Fragment57 39 Fragment85 49 Fragment125
16 Fragment18 24 Fragment37 32 Fragment60 40 Fragment88 50 Fragment129