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Attribution: see contributors in the history of this template, but most notably:
  1. User:Els236 aka Eleiyas (original creator of the format)
  2. User:PhantasmicGhost (updated the templates)

This page is basically to show new users how to create an item page according to the current Templates being used.

  • Nearly all info for the Shop Heores game can be found in the Shop Heroes Spreadsheet. You should bookmark its link as it will be used often.
Shop Heroes Spreadsheet Link

Note: If you encounter a page that still follows the old templates, please update them to match the templates shown on this page.

  • See bottom of page for instructions about use of each of the templates. If you ever need an example of how to do an item page, look at the source code of one of the recently edited item pages appropriate to the type of item.

There are three types:
a) Base (those normally available in the game. They are all common rarity),
b) Chest (need to open chest or use blueprint fragments to acquire),
c) Exclusive (are part of packages/bundles/events that must be purchased from micro-transaction store or gained from an event)

This page shows code and Instructions for base type Items.
For instructions on creating pages for other types please see:

Just copy the below code and modify according to the item's info on the game's spreadsheet Item Directory Tab.


  • When creating code for a page, make sure it is neatly formatted and easy for editors to read.
  •  !!!DO NOT!!! try to cram it into as little space as possible!
  • For Picture links, just fill them in correctly. If you can get a picture of the item from the game, make sure it has transparent background and a width somewhere around 300 pixels but no less than 200 pixels. If you can't get the image, that is fine. Just leave the link there in the code as is. The Admin will get to it sooner or later and upload the correct image.
  • I recommend the trick of starting to put up a request in the trade house, where you can select the item and quality of what item you need a picture of. Take a screenshot of the page and crop to just the item. Then remove the dark background and item quality glow circle that appears behind the item. You don't actually have to submit the request to make this trick work.
  •  !!!DO NOT!!! try to put a different picture in that does not fit the naming convention used by the below Templates.


[[File:"Item Category" "Item Name".png|right|250px]]

=='''"Item Name"'''==

* Unlocked By: [[previous Item Name]]
* Blueprint Rarity: Common or [[File:SilverStarIcon.png|30px|Uncommon]] or [[File:GoldStarIcon.png|30px|Rare]] 
* Item Level: 1
* Base Power: +0 {{Misc Power Icon}}
* Unlocks: [[next Item name]]  <!--this line can be left out if there is no next item. -->

{{Item Skill Requirements|Metal=0|Wood=0|Textile=0|Alchemy=0|Magic=0|Weapon=0|Armor=0|Arts=0|Jewelry=0|Rune=0|Tinkering=0}}

=='''Phases of Construction'''==

: All blueprints have 5 phases of construction on the way to mastering an item. Each phase unlocks additional perks for that particular item and opens up new blueprint(s) for you to make.

{{Phase|PhaseNum=1|Crafts = ?|Iron = ?|Wood=?|Leather = ?|Herbs=?|Steel = ?|Hardwood=?|Fabric=?|Oil=?|Mana = ?|Jewels = ?|
Component 1 = ?|Component 1 Amount = ?|
Component 2 = ?|Component 2 Amount = ?|

{{Phase|PhaseNum=2|PrevCrafts=?|Crafts = ?|Iron = ?|Wood=?|Leather = ?|Herbs=?|Steel = ?|Hardwood=?|Fabric=?|Oil=?|Mana = ?|Jewels = ?|
Component 1 = ?|Component 1 Amount = ?|
Component 2 = ?|Component 2 Amount = ?|

{{Phase|PhaseNum=3|PrevCrafts=?|Crafts = ?|Iron = ?|Wood=?|Leather = ?|Herbs=?|Steel = ?|Hardwood=?|Fabric=?|Oil=?|Mana = ?|Jewels = ?|
Component 1 = ?|Component 1 Amount = ?|
Component 2 = ?|Component 2 Amount = ?|

{{Phase|PhaseNum=4|PrevCrafts=?|Crafts = ?|Iron = ?|Wood=?|Leather = ?|Herbs=?|Steel = ?|Hardwood=?|Fabric=?|Oil=?|Mana = ?|Jewels = ?|
Component 1 = ?|Component 1 Amount = ?|
Component 2 = ?|Component 2 Amount = ?|

{{Phase|PhaseNum=5|PrevCrafts=?|Crafts = ?|Iron = ?|Wood=?|Leather = ?|Herbs=?|Steel = ?|Hardwood=?|Fabric=?|Oil=?|Mana = ?|Jewels = ?|
Component 1 = ?|Component 1 Amount = ?|
Component 2 = ?|Component 2 Amount = ?|

{{Item Mastery Cost|Crafts To Mastery = 0|
Iron Start Amount = 0|Crafts To Iron Perk = 0|Iron End Amount =0|
Leather Start Amount = 0|Crafts To Leather Perk = 0|Leather End Amount =0|
Wood Start Amount = 0|Crafts To Wood Perk = 0|Wood End Amount =0|
Herbs Start Amount = 0|Crafts To Herbs Perk = 0|Herbs End Amount =0|
Steel Start Amount = 0|Crafts To Steel Perk = 0|Steel End Amount =0|
Hardwood Start Amount = 0|Crafts To Hardwood Perk = 0|Hardwood End Amount =0|
Fabric Start Amount = 0|Crafts To Fabric Perk = 0|Fabric End Amount =0|
Oil Start Amount = 0|Crafts To Oil Perk = 0|Oil End Amount =0|
Mana Start Amount = 0|Crafts To Mana Perk = 0|Mana End Amount =0|
Jewels Start Amount = 0|Crafts To Jewels Perk = 0|Jewels End Amount =0|
Component 1 = {{SResource Shard Of Gaia Icon}}|Component 1 Start Amount = 0|Crafts To Component 1 Perk = 0|Component 1 End Amount = 0|
Component 2 = {{Item Precraft Component|Quality=Flawless|Category=Boots|Item=Valkyrie Boots}}|Component 2 Start Amount = 0|Crafts To Component 2 Perk = 0|Component 2 End Amount = 0

{{Used In|
Recipe 1 = [[Twilight Flute]]|Quality 1 = {{Quality Good Icon}}|Amount 1 = 2|
Recipe 2 = [[Heart Ring]]|Quality 2 = {{Quality Great Icon}}|Amount 2 = 2


{{Price25Percent|price = 0}}

{{ShopExp|exp = 0}}

{{ItemPower|power = 0}}



[[Category:"Item Category"]]

When modifying the contents of "Phase":

(Note:Phase Template has some error messages built-in that will appear if you type something in wrong)

Iron/Wood/Leather/Hardwood/etc... - Resource used per craft.

You can remove any resources or components that aren't used for that item.

Remember to update the amount of that resource required after any relevant perks. Example. If in "PhaseNum=2" the leather is 20 and the perk is "Efficiency increased: leather-5", then in "PhaseNum=3" and "PhaseNum=4" and "PhaseNum=5", the leather would be 15.

Component 1/Component 2 - Either
{{SResource "Special Resource" Icon}}
or you'll need to use this template:

SResource Examples
Icon Wiki Template Code
SResource ShinyGemIcon {{SResource Shiny Gem Icon}}
SResource ElvenDewIcon {{SResource Elven Dew Icon}}
SResource ViperEssenceIcon {{SResource Viper Essence Icon}}
SResource IronWoodIcon {{SResource Iron Wood Icon}}
SResource BurningEmber {{SResource Burning Ember Icon}}
SResource RainbowDust {{SResource Rainbow Dust Icon}}
SResource MoonShardIcon {{SResource Moon Shard Icon}}
Shard of Gaia {{SResource Shard Of Gaia Icon}}
SResource IronCarapaceIcon {{SResource Iron Carapace Icon}}
SResource WyvernWingIcon {{SResource Wyvern Wing Icon}}
SResource FrozenCoreIcon {{SResource Frozen Core Icon}}
SResource RoyalBoneIcon {{SResource Royal Bone Icon}}
SResource LiquidFireIcon {{SResource Liquid Fire Icon}}
SResource YggdrasilLeafIcon {{SResource Yggdrasil Leaf Icon}}
SResource SilverSteelIcon {{SResource Silver Steel Icon}}
SResource PhoenixFeatherIcon {{SResource Phoenix Feather Icon}}
SResource GoldenThreadIcon {{SResource Golden Thread Icon}}
SResource DemonHeartIcon {{SResource Demon Heart Icon}}
SResource DarkEnergyIcon {{SResource Dark Energy Icon}}
SResource SunTearIcon {{SResource Sun Tear Icon}}
SResource DragonScaleIcon {{SResource Dragon Scale Icon}}
SResource AdamantiumIcon {{SResource Adamantium Icon}}
Ancient Essence {{SResource Ancient Essence Icon}}
Frostfire Crystal {{SResource Frostfire Crystal Icon}}
Icon.Obsidean.Coral {{SResource Obsidian Coral Icon}}
Shard of Gaia {{SResource Shard Of Gaia Icon}}
Primordial Horn {{SResource Primal Horn Icon}}
Hellfire Ruby {{SResource Hellfire Ruby Icon}}
Aragonite {{SResource Aragonite Icon}}
SResource ChargeOreIcon {{SResource Charge Ore Icon}}
SResource CommandStoneIcon {{SResource Command Stone Icon}}
SResource ProphetGemIcon {{SResource Prophet Gem Icon}}
SResource PrejudgeCrystalIcon {{SResource Prejudge Crystal Icon}}

Component 1 = {{SResource Shard Of Gaia Icon}}|Component 1 Amount = 1|
Component 2 = {{Item Precraft Component|Quality=Flawless|Category=Boots|Item=Valkyrie Boots}}|Component 2 Amount = 8|

For Precrafts that are common Quality, leave the quality blank.

Component 1 = {{Item Precraft Component|Quality=|Category=Spears|Item=Wooden Spear}}|Component 1 Amount = 1|

Where to Find Resource And Component Info in the Spreadsheet: WhereToFindResourceAndComponentRequirements

When Modifying Perk

Perk - here you need to use one of these templates:


perk={{Price Increase +50%}}
perk={{Price Increase +25%}}

perk={{Time Decreased -25%}}

perk={{Item Efficiency Increased|Number= -50|Resource=Herbs}}
perk={{Item Efficiency Increased|Number= -1|Resource=Dark Energy}}
perk={{Item Efficiency Increased|Number= -1|Resource=Sabaton}}

perk={{Item Blueprint Unlocked|Item=Bark Tea}}

perk={{Item Quality Increased|Item=Sleeping Shrooms|Quality=Good}}

perk={{Item Ability Unlocked|Ability=Revive|Level=1|Quality=Flawless}}
perk={{Item Ability Unlocked|Ability=Resourceful|Level=2|Quality=Epic}}
perk={{Item Ability Unlocked|Ability=Support|Level=2|Quality=Legendary}}
Perk={{Item Ability Unlocked|Ability=Scavenger|Level=3|Quality=Mythical}}
Perk={{Item Ability Unlocked|Ability=Disrupt|Level=4|Quality=Mythical}}

(NOTE: not all abilities have a level. If it doesn't, just follow the below examples:
Perk={{Item Ability Unlocked|Ability=Parry|Level=|Quality=Great}}
Perk={{Item Ability Unlocked|Ability=Aura of Protection|Level=|Quality=Epic}} 
Perk={{Item Ability Unlocked|Ability=Magic Find|Level=|Quality=Mythical}}

When modifying the contents of "Item Mastery Cost":

Please refer to: Template:Item Mastery Cost

If a resource or component is not needed for an item, its line can be removed. If there is no perk for that resource, all you need is the End Amount, and you can remove the Start Amount and Crafts To Perk parts of the line.

If there are two perks for one resource, use Template:Item Mastery Cost Double Perk instead.


{{Item Mastery Cost Double Perk|Crafts To Mastery=30|
Leather Start Amount=3|Crafts To Leather Perk 1=10|Leather End Perk 1=2|Crafts To Leather Perk 2=18|Leather End Amount=1|
Component 1 = {{Item Precraft Component|Quality=Legendary|Category=Boots|Item=Made Like a Boss Boots}}|
Component 1 Start Amount = 4|Component 1 End Amount = 1|Crafts To Component 2 Perk = 50

When Modifying Upgrade Cost:

UpgradeCostV2 - fill in the costs in the order they are listed on the far right columns of the item directory tab of shop heroes spreadsheet.

  • Cost1 is "Upgrade From Good" so Cost4 is "Upgrade From Epic".


Example For Frozen Grip:

When modifying the other templates:

Component Amount - amount of the component needed

Crafts - amount of crafts needed to advance

For PrevCrafts, just set it to whatever Crafts was for the previous Phase. PrevCrafts is not needed for PhaseNum=1.

UsedIn - can be left simply as {{Used In}} if there are no recipes that use the item.

Price25Percent - only need to type in the base price of the item, before perks

if the perk is price+50% use instead
{{Price50Percent|price = 1}}
if there is no price perk, use instead
{{BasePriceOnly|price = 1}}

ShopExp - only need to type in the shop exerience gained from selling a common quality version of the item.

ItemPower - only need to type in common quality item power rating

FusionTimeV2 - fill in the level of the item.

Rarity - rarities used to be listed on the chest & premium items tab of the spreadsheet for skilled items. Now you will have to find them in game on the statistics tab of blueprints. In the page code just put in the appropriate tag:

  • For Common, just say Common (or leave the line out entirely.)
  • For Uncommon use: [[File:SilverStarIcon.png|30px|Uncommon]]
  • For Rare use: [[File:GoldStarIcon.png|30px|Rare]]
  • For Exclusive use: [[File:RedStarIcon.png|30px|Exclusive]]

When Modifying Picture

Picture - Example:

For Royal Greaves:
[[File:"Item Category" "Item Name".png|right|250px]]
[[File:Boots Royal Greaves.png|right|250px]]

For Royal Trumpet:
[[File:"Item Category" "Item Name".png|right|250px]]
[[File:Music Royal Trumpet.png|right|250px]]

The categories are:

  • Swords
  • Daggers
  • Axes
  • Spears
  • Maces
  • Staves
  • Bows
  • Guns
  • Armors
  • Vests
  • Clothes
  • Helemts
  • Hats
  • Gauntlets
  • Gloves (ForYourInformation: the spreadsheet calls them "bracers" but this site uses "Gloves")
  • Boots
  • Footwear
  • Remedies
  • Potions
  • Spells
  • Projectiles
  • Rings
  • Pendants
  • Music (F.Y.I. the spreadsheet calls them "instruments" but this site uses "Music")

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