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Albert is a tier-2 Spellcaster unlocked with the Fountain at level 1. Investing in the Fountain grants him XP and boosts his power by 25% for 30 minutes. Leveling up the Fountain increases his level cap.


"Albert is a man of many talents; he can sing a song to put the most fearsome beasts to sleep, as well as entertain an inn full of revelers."


  • Level 8. Skill Fastidious RankI Icon.png Fastidious rank 1 - Lower the chance of breaking a piece of equipment by 15%.
  • Level 12. Skill Supplier RankI Icon.png Supplier rank 1 - Reduce the probability of companions breaking an equipment by 5%.
  • Level 20. Skill Support RankI Icon.png Support rank 1 - Prevent a companion's equipment from breaking 1 time(s) during a quest.

Quest 1 - Sappy Straw

"There is this gorgeous girl that I really like. I must make myself extra presentable to woo her... Let's go gather some tree sap so that I can style my hair."


  • Albert Icon.png Albert must be at least level 5 and wear a Red Tunic.
  • Palash Icon.png Palash, no constraint on equipment or level.
  • Recommended Power: 1,400 Misc PowerIcon.png
  • Quest Time: 2h 5m Misc TimeIcon.png


  • 265 XP Misc XpIcon.png for each party member
  • 10 gems Misc GemIcon.png

Quest 2 - Sweet Song

"I want to serenade my lady with a special melody." "My music instructor should have something suitable."



  • 2,200 XP Misc XpIcon.png for each party member
  • 15 gems Misc GemIcon.png

Quest 3 - Silent Notes

"There is one song in here that stands out among the rest." "The notes look ancient but the melody is super catchy." "But wait, why is there one page missing?"


  • Recommended Power: Misc PowerIcon.png
  • Quest Time: 2d 5h Misc TimeIcon.png


  • XP Misc XpIcon.png for each party member
  • 25 gems Misc GemIcon.png

Flavor Text

Greeting - "Make way for I have arrived!"
Discount - "This is the best day of my life!"
Surcharge - "Yikes, why so much?"
Compliment Success - "I know right?!"
Compliment Failure - "I'm having a bad hair day today."
Suggest - "Oh, I like that!" / "Fits my pallet much better!"
Refuse - "Unacceptable!"
Bargain - "Sure, but no more haggling."
Sell - "Marvelous!"
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