Hi ShopKeepers!

We know you've been waiting patiently for more information on content coming to Shop Heroes. We apologize for the long delay, but are happy to share some items that are confirmed to go into the game!

PLEASE NOTE: All items below are subject to date changes as well as general changes. As new items go into the game, the roadmap will be adjusted to fit changes.

Additionally, we would like more feedback from users. Expect to see more feedback threads as items are pushed into development. For now, we will be posting a poll in General Discussion to see what items (without months), you would like see prioritized. We will take that poll into consideration along with items such as development time.

Coming in the next patch: (Details on bullet points will be shared in Official Patch Notes as well as nerfs)

   Modifications to Trade/Premium Trade Slots Benefits (might be a nerf)
   Add Tooltip on Load to Prompt Players to Quick Collect by Swiping Down on the Right Resource Icons
   Show in city game log the player(s) name(s) who donated to you in order for them to get recognition and to bolster camaraderie!
   Add a “!” to the city chat tab whenever a donation is made

Planned sooner than later:

   (Player stat screen) Remove/Change “Votes” to “Raid Contributions” and display total # of raid items contributed
   (Player stat screen) Remove/Change “Last Active” to “Arena Honor” and display current season arena honor
   More content to chests

Goal Set Content (Again, please note that these dates may be delayed or change as the roadmap continues to gain feedback.)

   New Achievements: April
   More Cosmetic Customization: May
   City Management Upgrades: May
   Hero Rest Time Modifications: April
   Fusion Time Modifications: April

Items That Are Being Prioritized (With Possible Forum Suggestion Posts)

     Better Social Sharing​/Screenshots
     Boss Improvements
     Server Wide World Competitions/Bonus Events (City vs City)
     New Blueprints/Set Items
     More Cosmetic/Customization Items + Better Shop
     Furniture/Building Level Increase
     Shopkeeper Bonus/Abilities
     More Special Orders/Bulk Order + Improvements
     Harder Dungeon Bosses/Time Limited Dungeons
     PvP Enhancements
     UI/UX Improvements (Ease of Use/Convenience Features)
     Raid MVP Rewards
     Special City Boss Raids
     Fusion Pot Enhancement (Breaking Down Items)
     Pets System Forum Post 
     Runes/Enchanting System Forum Post

Please follow the link to vote on your TOP 3 features!

Additionally, please feel free to discuss the features and items here.